TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Watch cars slide across slick roads during ice storm

The dangerous ice storm that’s sweeping across parts of the country is causing cars to slide across slick streets, and low temperatures are preventing the ice from melting. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> story making news this morning and that's one you're covering.

>> that's right. tamron has more on that also.

>> let me get you caught up and al you'll take over from there.

>> one of the worst ice storms in years is disrupting air travel and creating dangerous driving conditions across the midwest and the south. cars could be seen sliding across slick streets in kansas city , monissouri. these wintry conditions are pushing east ward and could last for days. dylan dreyer is in fort smith , arkansas . dylan , good morning.

>> reporter: the freezing rain has now turned over to snow. but look at what happened. we have freezing rain all day yesterday and through the night. here in fort smith , arkansas . we have about a half an inch of ice covering the trees but in most areas throughout this storm, we ended up with half an inch of ice or more. parts of oklahoma and arkansas closer to an inch. that wiped out power for hundreds of thousands of people. it created very treacherous travel on the roads, especially late last night. we had power line across some of the highways. in dallas alone we had reports of 150,000 people without power. now we are going to see the snow last in this area for at least the rest of the day before we do start to see this storm wind down. however, as we go into tonight, the hardest hit areas from texas right up into tennessee and eventually into parts of the ohio river valley , we could see temperatures well down into the single digits and not get above freezing until wednesday. on top of that, though, we have another ice storm possible for sunday which of course al will have more on that. tamron.

>> all right, dylan , thank you