TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Twitter CEO reveals who he wishes would tweet

TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, about the company going public, the impact it has had on the world, and the three women Costolo wishes were tweeting. Costolo also offers his tips on how to tweet effectively.

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>>> we're back now at 7:41 on a friday morning with an inside look at twitter. that microblogging site changing savannah's world 140 characters at a time. where does the company go from here? i recently sat down for an exclusive interview with the man in charge.

>> there we go. my tweet has been posted.

>> you guys are on twitter, correct?

>> they tweet in questions. my twitter followers.

>> do you tweet ?

>> what if you tweet and nobody tweets back?

>> twitter is everywhere these days and the man trying to make the company comfortable, profitable and cool is his ceo, 50-year-old dick costolo.

>> i've been in your offices 10 minutes and you're the oldest guy in the room.

>> by a long shot.

>> how does that feel being a ceo of a company which such a youthful employee base.

>> so to work with people that see what's coming next because they use it every day and it's been part of their lives since day one is invigorating and exciting.

>> and as the oldest guy --

>> as the oldest guy and by the way, you don't look so good this morning.

>> thank you. are you teaching these employees or are they teaching you?

>> it's both. it's absolutely both. i don't know all the answers. so i try to teach them and i 100% learn from everybody in the company.

>> it is a company on the rise. twitter was the toast of wall street when it went public last month. currently boasting over 230 million active users and 500 million tweets every day. but costolo admits there's room for improvement .

>> for many people, the language is opaic to them. so we need to push the technology and the language of twitter to the background and bring the content forward. the media, the photos, the content that people are talking about.

>> he knows the power of twitter can disrupt and change the world and he's also aware but not overly concerned about the nastiness that often comes in 140 characters.

>> as someone in the public eye , if i go on to my twitter and i look and i see a tweet that's really nice, man, it feels good. it feels great. but then i read and i scroll further and i see some really tough tweets. have you gotten your arms around the question of why there tends to be so much negativity on twitter?

>> i think that what you're seeing are two side of the same coin. the beauty of the platform is that the ability to have a pseudonym that you can tweet under has enabled political speech in countries where political speech is oppressed.

>> and changed the world.

>> and then of course that allows some other people to hide behind it and say mean things to people. it's incumbent on us as the operators of the platform to make sure that people, everyone can come to twitter and feel like it's a clean, well lit place and a global town square .

>> i tweeted about you this morning. i responded back. i told my vast number of followers that you were going to tell me something in this interview that you had never told anyone else .

>> yeah.

>> so don't make me a liar. what is it?

>> sometimes at night, i cry.

>> what makes you cry?

>> the fact that i don't have any secrets to tell you.

>> that's it? you're an open book , aren't you? why don't we end by giving your fellow tweeters real news they can use. what advice would advice would you have? how could you become a more interesting tweeter?

>> it's so dependant on the way you speak. 140 characters constraint itself that makes the creativity of operating within that constraint beautiful.

>> flip the question on the other end. is there a cardinal sin of tweeting?

>> you have to speak with an authentic stone of voice. in this day and age with the communication we now have, people can sense inauthenticity very quickly.

>> so keep the bull off twitter.

>> authenticity is the key to a great tweet .

>> who is the white whale ? who is the person out there you're dying to get to use twitter?

>> it's melissa mccarthy , tina fey , amy polar. i'll make that my goal.

>> they should call them at white whale . the twitter handle.

>> one of the things i think about this, he raised a good point, you can tell when people have somebody else doing this.

>> and people say do you write your own twitter? it would be a lot better.

>> or when people have an agenda. i don't like when people tweet watch this or see this. you want con stapt communication. but i'm going to tweet keep it real. that's what he's saying there.

>> i'm not going to write your tweets anymore.

>> who would you like to see on twitter? share with us using the #orangeroom. carson