TODAY   |  December 06, 2013

Crowds gather in hometown of Nelson Mandela

Crowds have come to the South African hometown of Nelson Mandela to mourn and celebrate his life and legacy. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> let's go to keir simmons outside of johannesburg which was the epicenter of the antiapartheid movement. can you tell us about the scene there?

>> there's thousands of people spilling on to the streets here and coming out on to the streets and singing and praying and dancing. people are moving up and down in large groups. at the end of the street is nelson mandela 's home where he lived before he was imprisoned and imprisoned for 27 years. he came back here after he was released and this place was the backbone of the anti-apartheid struggle. the very name conjured up the struggle against oppression. it was here that people demonstrated. people's childrens lost their lives on these streets as they fought against oppression with nelson mandela in jail. and some of the songs they're singing here, are god bless africa . they sang that song in court when nelson mandela was jailed. they sang it when he was freed and they are singing it here again on the streets.

>> that's a song ringing out worldwide this morning. keir simmons ,