TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Make your gifts memorable with the personal touch

Robyn Spizman, author of “Make It Memorable,” demonstrates how you can customize gifts for your friends and family, from books and puzzles to note cards and jewelry.

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>> of "today" on this thirsty thursday. driving yourself nuts trying to think of the perfect present for the loved ones on your list you might want to consider something very personal.

>> not that kind of personal. the monogrammed kind of personal. here with ideas you can order in time for christmas is robyn spizman, author of "make it memorable."

>> hey, robyn.

>> haven't seen you in a while.

>> great to see you again.

>> glad to see you again.

>> you always bring great stuff.

>> people always love to open something with their name in it.

>> or years.

>> looks like you've spent years thinking of this.

>> and extra money.

>> we're going to make it great. this is the gift from called freckle box and these are personalized gifts for kids on your list.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> from birth to teenagers.

>> oh.

>> journals, coloring books . these are cute, boredom busters.

>> emma.

>> there you go.

>> but that's all right. it's close. she can't read yet.

>> there it is. yes.

>> so cute from $4 up. super affordable.

>> love that.

>> fantastic.

>> santa raised the bar on this one. microncle books. the poem "' twas the night before christmas " your child is center stage , your pets, the city, your child's photographs.

>> that's cute.

>> it will be a keepsake forever. here you have " night before christmas ".

>> a naughty and nice list. of course you will put your child on the nice list.

>> it depends.

>> you know how that goes.

>> i love this gift for photo buffs, pads for $22.95 you can have pads with your favorite snapshots, pets, kids, yourself, and add a saying to it, so these are things like we have -- we have hoda's and kathie lee 's to do "today" list.

>> i need those.

>> look at bambino.

>> of course.

>> those are so cute.

>> i'm dying.

>> and this is --

>> so cute.

>> cards.

>> so cute.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> adorable.

>> stationary.

>> yes. so you just -- it's a win/win and very affordable.

>> yeah.

>> now we also have from lapuff studios, everything old is new again. this is the family tree for $45. classic silhouettes, they did silhouettes before photographs, it was a prway to portray someone. your family tree for three generations.

>> for only $40?

>> 45.

>> there you go.

>> still a great deal.

>> and then your jewelry, they'll take the same silhouette and put it on charles, necklaces, cuff links. super.

>> and what does that cost?

>> $59.50.

>> there you go.

>> okay. what can i say? it's all those elves working hard.

>> that's right.

>> okay. . so so this is now purple mermaid designs from initial obsession. i love monograms and this is the new thing from $48. very affordable.

>> for kid or everybody.

>> teenagers are loving them but my 20 something year old had to have one. name necklaces and reasonable. initial obsession. the guy on your list.

>> yes.

>> say he's eco-friendly.

>> pocket --

>> yes.

>> handkerchiefs.

>> very special, monogram is everything. and i love it on bumble bee lin nons. this is $15.99.

>> wears those. a lot of people don't but it looks so --

>> snappy.

>> as always we have to wrap it up a little bit.

>> right.

>> so custom labels for you. ho ho ho from koda. and a gift from kathie lee .

>> don't be offended. she has you and blake on "the tonight show ".

>> oh, my gosh.

>> want to say i'm sorry.

>> i'm sorry.

>> terribly sorry.

>> you can take your --

>> noncopyrighted photographs and make fantastic wrapping paper because when you give a gift in a little piece of yourself, it makes everything personalized, memorable, and