TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

How to pack party items in your carry-on bag

Jacqueline M. Wood, host of the new E! travel show “Party On,” challenges Kathie Lee and Hoda to see who’s better at packing a carry-on bag with party items. “Party On” will premiere Dec. 5 at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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>>> gorgeous white beaches and exclusive resorts, riding camels and driving race cars that's in a days work for jacqueline wood.

>> the actress is taking viewers to some of the most exotic locations and a-list hot spots as host of "e's" travel series "party on." like a dream job .

>> can i say.

>> . the first don't fry in the kitchen everyone has a story

>> where do you get to go? what sort of place sfls.

>> all around the mediterranean? i go to greece. amazing. spain.

>> it goes both ways.

>> i know.

>> so does barcelona.

>> barcelona.

>> istanbul.

>> you meet the people and put together a nice show.

>> plop me down in each location for 48 hours .

>> barely unpack your thonk and you're on your way.

>> i usual social media to reach out to people.

>> look at this.

>> yeah.

>> how much fun.

>> must have met cool, interesting people?

>> i met some great people. it's about living in the moment . when we travel we let our alter ego out.

>> right.

>> your favorite place was mikinos?

>> i loved the vibe, i loved the people.

>> laid back.

>> packing is not something easy for all of us and especially if you're going somewhere and know you're going to go and there's a party you're going to attend. it's hard. i'm going away this weekend. it's hard to put all the important things, heels and stuff, in the bag and figure out how to put it in right.

>> it is really tough. the main thing what i did learn from my mom, you can put things in your shoes.

>> oh, i do that all the time.

>> panties you can put in. socks. yep.

>> oh.

>> you have to figure out what you need.

>> we need to start packing. they're giving us the --

>> we should do a packing challenge.

>> all right.

>> the best things you can put to go around the mediterranean.

>> the mediterranean.

>> let's go. okay. hat, san tro pay.

>> we're going to the mediterranean.

>> priority, people. wine.

>> you can't.

>> you can get it there. they've got great wine there.

>> i would do -- you can wear the boa.

>> hoda, you need this for your hair.

>> good. hair.

>> it's a shower cap .

>> absolutely.

>> a blow dryer.

>> i only need hair products . i can buy everything else.

>> you need hair --

>> that's for the beach. yep.

>> hair spray . i'll tell you why.

>> i let my hair go.

>> frank's coming so we need a football.

>> you need a hat.

>> you don't need this. you got the beach.

>> no.

>> what happened? who won?

>> hold on.

>> hoda.

>> why


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