TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Check out the hottest holiday styles

Get stylish this season with some help from Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, who presents some of the best fashion for your budget.

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>> right now your calendar is probably booked with all of the holiday events from the company christmas party to katrina tails at friend's house.

>> although there is nothing wrong with your favorite santa sweaters. we will show you items that are fashionable for men and women. good to see you. we love your sweater.

>> it's like feel it. it's fuzzy in the best way possible.

>> you doesn't look the muppets.

>> today is a holiday party. i have to be festive and drets up for you guys.

>> it's a new take.

>> there is no santas, no reindeer.

>> our first model pairing. karen and travis going to a holiday party.

>> just because you are at home doesn't mean you wear the sweats.

>> you cannot be in a blanket or sweats. she looks great. men's we're super hot right now. she has a take from h & m. her entire suit is under $500.

>> and it's good because she's wearing layers. you never know what degree, what temperature your house is going to be. travis is wearing a super cool varsity jacket .

>> i would start getting hot. he has like three layers.

>> take it off, travis . wow.

>> travis .

>> oh my goodness.

>> he has a shawl, a collared cardigan, a hot trend.

>> the next we have at the office party, al and i will be attending next week.

>> yes, we will.

>> i love these guys. look at this.

>> you have to we're something you can we're to work and snaz it up.

>> you don't want to be that girl who buys a brand-new dress. you want to we're something appropriate. you don't want to we're dress perhaps. we're dress you normally would we're to work. add festive layers to it. you think it looks fan taft ec.

>> you look great. doesn't she?

>> how about armando?

>> we love saying that name. she has been waiting all segment. she has a tweed jacket.

>> it's a good conversation starter. you never know when you can chat with someone in the office you may have wanted to dhat with.

>> you wear a holiday tie?

>> no, holiday suspenders.

>> they're under the jacket, right?

>> okay. we got another couple. thank you so much. coming up, lisa and bobby going home to meet the parents . this is very tricky.

>> this is important for the woman in particular. you don't want to dress up.

>> you don't want to wear an animal bathing suit kind of thing. it's always better to err on the side of conservatives. it's lady like, it's fem then. at the same time it's flirty. you want to keep the hem leans a little longer. you don't want to wear anything too revealing.

>> what about the guys? it's a holiday sweater.

>> it will have candy canes . a scandinavian take and a chic sweater.

>> all the models look terrific for the holidays. looking good.

>> looks good, thank you.

>> you can come with it?

>> good.

>> thank you so much. for more information to where to