TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Contraceptive pill for men almost a reality

Dr. Keri Peterson and Dr. Harry Fisch discuss the latest health headlines, including the news that a contraceptive pill for men is close to fruition.

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>> know about including new research improving social research for kids with autism.

>> could to we be one step closer to a controversial pill for men?

>> professor of you arology and medicine at new york presbyterian hospital . let start off with this new male contraceptive, one step closer. tell us about this.

>> it's unbelievable. sperm is made in the testical and goes out the reproductive tract . it blocks it from exiting. now in genetically modified mice they take out two proteins responsible for the transport.

>> that means it is made, sexual function is fine the sperm doesn't get out. that's a big break through i think for the future. it's not available for men.

>> for mice. so mice are doing great.

>> just mice, right?

>> just mice.

>> how far away are we realistically do you think of this being on the market?

>> i would hope five years. it could be more than that. when it hits the mark, i think it will be a break through.

>> oxytocin and autism. a lot of people are hoping this can help.

>> potentially. it's a hormone responsible for bonding and trusting and a study was done to lock at how oxytocin affects children's brain. they found it lit up areas of the brain that was responsible for social behavior and suppressed areas of the brain that were responsible for non- social behavior . so this could be a "potential" treatment down the road to help modify behavior in children with autism.

>> it's a small study.

>> a small study with 17 children. what is exciting is there is a federally funded study coming up with 300 children looking at the impact of children six to twelve months . right now the jury is out and experts are saying parents hold out.

>> a third thing new moms like me, we are all concerned with this, to help your kids with allergies. there is a new study when we introduce solid foods. is that right?

>> that's correct. a new study found if you introduce solid foods before sfoon weeks, which is four months and one week, your child is more likely to have food allergies . when you breast-feed after 17 weeks, you protect them even more from developing food allergies .

>> so milo is in good shape i think.

>> not completely. everybody is a little difficult. i asked my wife about this all three breast fed t. one brft fed the longest most allergies.

>> you don't know.

>> we will come out with another study. thank you so much.

>>> coming up all the news you need before you head out the door.

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