TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Snow job: Send us your wonderful winter photos

The TODAY anchors ooh and ahh over some adorable photos of tots experiencing the delights of snow, and invite viewers to send their best winter photos to the #orangeroom.

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>>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, i'm willie geist along with al roker and miss jenna bush hager in while natalie is on assignment.

>> hi, guys. i'm happy to be here.

>> sort of the morning after. you got to be there.

>> it's been really exciting. every year. it never gets old. i have done this now 30 years. it started when it was a 5 minute segment and lastly the 81st rockefelller christmas tree . -- rockefeller christmas tree . i think it's the best tree.

>> there it is.

>> the moment you stay up and wait for it. it never gets old every year.

>> roll it.

>> here we go.

>> all right, everybody ready to light the tree?

>> we are ready.

>> do it.

>> 5, 4, 3, 2... 1. that's breath taking.

>> i have to say, this year, i teared up a little bit. i did. and my husband came home and he was like, up on the hormones?

>> i'm not a baby girl . i saw the faces of the little kids looking up at that tree i was like oh yeah.

>> it will be spectacular.

>> i had to get through the crowds first.

>> we had great performances.

>> oh my god.

>> mary j. blige .

>> mariah.

>> somebody told me she looked like the elf on the shelf kind of in than amazing outfit.

>> that's no elf on a shelf.

>> i said if that's an elf on the shelf, i want her on my show.

>> that's some shelf.

>> the next topic.

>> mary j. blige , i've loved her, her album, my senior year in high school , she's just the best, the coolest. she stan the test of time. her music was always good. she was so good last night.

>> my mother is a huge mary j. fan. i want to go up and say my mom loves you, so many people say my grandma loves you to me. i say, thanks, a lot.

>> the subtext, you not so much.

>> exactly. i don't love you, i'm 25.

>> my mother loves you.

>> actually my grandma.

>> i'm not familiar with your work.

>> i have been told you are liked by older people.

>> that's really what happens.

>> i totally have a picture of your tree, which is the real billing reveal.

>> across town in manhattan. look what we lit up.

>> the charlie brown choir.

>> so you may not compare to what we have outside.

>> did you light it outside simultaneously?

>> i drugged it right in.

>> can everybody stand up and count?

>> everybody was like 3, 2, 1. you know what, we got a tree. we had some babyt over, older babies, they kept pulling the ornaments off.

>> you got to hang them high.

>> in fact, you buy some on apples that you don't care about you put them low.

>> that's true. i've learned. i'm learning that now after some things shattered.

>> keep them up high.

>> you know, we have been talking the last few days about paul walker and the word that comes up is humble. we are just learning actor paul walker who did die over the week anonymously bought an engage. ring for a soldier and his fiance about ten years ago. it was 9,000. he bought it in 2004 after learning the young military man had just returned from a tour of duty in iraq. he wanted to remain anonymous. he told the store to put it on his tab. in the wake of his death, the jewelry store associate came forward with this story. it speaks volume. he was in the store while they were shopping. they said, my go, i love that ring, it just costs too much. he goes to the clerk and says, boy that for them, put it on my tab.

>> they thought it was him. the store associate recently this week came forward and in fact confirmed it.

>> i think it speaks to how we all want to live. he lived in a quiet way. he didn't shout that out. he lived in a quiet way, in his passing, we keep hearing stories about him. it's a real example for all of us.

>> a way to live.

>> absolutely. i didn't know about him personally. i liked him. man, the more you hear about him, the more you fall in love with him. incredible. universal piblths, by the way, shut down the product of " fast and the furious 7".

>> in life, there will always business a tribute to people in this room, right here, right now. a little different over here. i'm coming home i'm coming home tell the world i'm coming home i'm coming home i'm coming home tell the world i'm coming home [ music playing ]

>> with somebody like that, you always wonder what would have been? where was he? he was really in the beginning of his trajectory.

>> he had a lot of things ahead of him?

>> a tough turn.

>> totally different.

>> toronto mayor rob ford , he called in this morning to a washington, d.c. sports radio show.

>> with a really inappropriate name for him.

>> yeah, maybe it could by a proept.

>> could be.

>> the sports junkies is the name of the show, 106.7 fm the fan. he talked about remember we showed that photograph on monday. he was at the buffalo bills game. eating the buffalo wednesday.

>> and supposedly stole somebody's seat.

>> stole the guy's seat to sit and watch the game.

>> that is a flattering photo.

>> let me ask you, was it a bill's game. did you steel that dude's seat? what happened there?

>> that's crazy, guys. the nfl brought me to my seat and said sit here. i had a security guard in front of me and my security driver besides me. i bought my tickets online. whoever is accusing me, i want to see their tickets. they told me to sit. they matched the tickets that i had. so.

>> gotcha.

>> i'd like to see this guy's ticket.

>> mayor ford, do you regret eating the whens in the stand?

>> no, i know, i have been training. my trainer bought me this bucket of whens. i told him if i eat one wing, mark my word, they will nail me. sure enough, i dipped into those hot wednesday and wamo.

>> what is he in training for? training? to explode?

>> i have to say, that one hot when is probably not the worst thing he's ever done, right?

>> that's right.

>> i think the real problem is he has a personal trainer who buys him buckets of hot whens.

>> that's a of aerobics lifting those wings.

>> in court documents the toronto mayor may have offered gang members quote 5,000 and a car not to release videotape of him smoking crack .

>> that songs like a great anti -- gang policile i'll give you 5,000 and a car if you don't release a tape of me smoking crack .

>> nice of him to throw in a car. he didn't have to do that.

>> it's like a christmas special . you get a car and 5,000.

>> they're allegations. i'm sure he is completely innocent of the charges. the next story you can relate to.

>> i can.

>> dogs in the white house .

>> this took place this photograph gathering where the first lady michelle obama unveiled the holiday trimmings. look at this sweet little girl , who joined in putting up the tree. oh, that's a little 2-year-old ashton, she lost her balance and fell down when the little dog jumped up.

>> we have a video of it.

>> here we go.

>> she's okay. she's fine. she doesn't even cry.

>> she held on to her goody bag.

>> you think sunny is bad. he is leging the baby. she is sweet.

>> you guys have experience. barney was a real jerk.

>> wow.

>> wow.

>> i eno, i'm sorry for those, well, he was a little temperamental. there was a reporter that he bit.

>> they were there.

>> i feel bad saying that. he was he didn't like strangers. he bit a person twice when he gave him a spank. my dad said he deserved it.

>> barney showed a lot of spunk.

>> you are smearing barney.

>> here is a great picture that will make you smile if you have kids, you will relate to. 9-month-old, her mom it's not real snow. it's the 24th annual pickens downtown celebration in alabama. temperatures in the 60s. look at that scene.

>> that is amazing.

>> we want to see your picture. treat us your favorite photograph of your kid playing in the snow. hashtag orange room .

>> we love that.

>> that's the type of texas photos we had. the fake snow. whatever this white sen thet ec thing is amazing.

>> we love this. wow.

>> hashtag orange room .