TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

‘Selfie,’ ‘twerk’ among words some want to ban

Time magazine is asking its readers to weigh in on the words they want to ban in 2014, and topping the list are “twerk,” “bromance” and “selfie.” TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.

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>> are you sick of hearing the word selfie, maybe it's time to make a new year's resolution. "time" magazine is running a poll, which word should we ban in 2014 ? selfie is on the list, here are other options. twerk. bromance, hashtag.

>> yes.

>> and foodie.

>> no. no.

>> i think the problem you can't ban hashtag because then you'd have nothing.

>> you are right.

>> we built a whole orange room based on. exactly right.

>> selfie is enough.

>> i hate fail.

>> you know what else, really? really?

>> if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't know seth myers .