TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Stay stress-free this holiday with these apps

Mario Armstrong demonstrates a few apps that could make your life easier this holiday season, including one that keeps track of all your online purchases and alerts you if there is a price drop.

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>> we are back at 8:41. get ready to tech the halls. if you want to keep your holiday season jolly and app free, mary armstrong is here with what to download. good morning.

>> good morning. the first ones, i'm flipping out over.

>> why?

>> i think it's a great idea. i want to do it. i kind of don't. the christmas tree is so fun. hauling it up the stairs is not so fun. tell us about this.

>> here's the beg news, uva, an app that helps you find a car, a black car service or a taxi in new york city . it is doing something phenomenal today with home depot at 11:00 a.m . you can order through the uber app a christmas tree to be delivered to your house.

>> can you 'ic the tree, a tall one, a bushy one?

>> a maple fir.

>> i want it to smell good? how many details?

>> you are getting a tree from home depot . you can't get that detailed in terms of what type and all of that stuff. it will come with a stand. they also are offering you a nice little gift an uber gift. they will drop it to your doorstep. that can be your front lawn or it could be your apartment building lobby. they won't take it up and decorate it for you?

>> will they take it to your apartment building ?

>> to the lobby.

>> that's a great idea.

>> we have the home depot truck outside. people are thinking i can use that time.

>> i may be a little pecky about my tree. i think it's a great idea for a lot of people.

>> i bought a tree from home depot before.

>> especially if you don't have a big truck . the next is slieth.

>> all of your receipts, confermations. you are ordering a bunch of stuff online. this is perfect for those shopping online for a lot of items. how do you track these e-mails that come in? so i can instantly see all of the things that i purchased and at any moment i can say, ookay. let me see where that photo blanket is. i can look at the shipping information as well and check the receipt so if i node to return it or have a problem with it. it's right here all in one app.

>> these are for e-mail receipts?

>> that's correct.

>> not paper receipts?

>> so if i'm shopping online on amazon or jump over to the gap or home depot , wherever i ham, it all comes into the one app so i can track it all.

>> next one is red laser . if are you a bargain hunter, this is for you.

>> it turns your phone into a scanner. this is a free app. what you do, you go into the store and see an item you like.

>> i got this for you. merry christmas .

>> you got me a 12-piece set for the kitchen.

>> or a box.

>> there is fwhug there there.

>> i know.

>> so it scans it. it will show you the item's price and where you can get it cheaper monita or online. so as you can see here, there are a lot of different prices from a lot of different stores that i can actually purchase this from.

>> so now let's say i'm at whatever store, can i show the app and say, look, this app shows i can get it for x, y, z, at amazon or whatever?

>> ought only does it show you the provides, price matching. take it to the store clerk or the manager, lock, if i leave or shop an line, i can get it at this price. can you do the same?

>> congratulations, there are no stinkers on this list.

>> good, right in.

>> great apps. the final one is called drink.

>> drync.

>> howe does this work?

>> it's the holiday season . people have wine. have you ever taken your phone and said take a picture of that bought him of ween so i the boy it?

>> yeah.

>> it scans, it turns your phone into a scanner so i can actually pull it up right now. i can actually scan.

>> do you want me to hold the ween? i have some experience.

>> that will be great. so i can pull up a bunch of ween lists. i can also scan that ween. once i've scanned it i can pop it right in here. it will show that i can order it from the app and then ship it to my address or to, if it's a gift, i can send it to someone else .

>> so you can send it to yourself? it being the holidays, you can send us a gift.

>> you can send it to someone else . this really keeps track of all the wines you have an interest in. you can create a wish list or rate them. everything you need about wine, they have other ideas where you can search weens. it's a fun and stress-freeway to remember your favorite ween.

>> are all these free apps?

>> yes, all free apps. four for four with free. you can't go wrong.

>> take the rest of the day off.

>> i'm good to go?

>> this segment rocks. thank you