TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Behind the scenes of ‘Sound of Music’ Live

Natalie Morales talks to Country music artist Carrie Underwood and the rest of the cast and crew behind the scenes of “Sound Of Music” Live about the upcoming debut Thursday night.

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>> we built a whole orange room based on. exactly right.

>> we didn't need to remind everybody about the " sound of music ." tonight all eyes and ears will see carrie underwood . natalie went behind the scenes with the stars. she sees how they plan on pulling this off. the hills are alive with the sound of music

>> reporter: the songs are timeless. a doe a deer a female deer.

>> reporter: tonight 54 years after it opened on broadway, nbc will be alive with "the sound of music ."

>> to the instead can di cam is here.

>> reporter: i got a chance to catch up with the star herself miss carrie underwood . though she's an oklahoma country artist. she says she is a lot like maria.

>> what do you think are the similarities?

>> i didn't grow up in the mountains. i grew up outside and nobody could stop me from singing. people tried. yes, that and obviously i never thought about being a nun. but i am a faithful person and she climbs the trees. that was me. that was me growing up.

>> reporter: it took months of preparation to transform this long island sound stage into prewar austria while underwod worked, a crew of hundreds built the enormous set. with 25 scene changes, there are no second chances. are you worried about mistakes at all?

>> i'm not worried about them, i know they'll happen. somebody will trip or something coming down the stairs, hopefully not fall down the stairs.

>> hopefully not you.

>> not me. people have to walk up the stairs backwards in heels.

>> oh, wow.

>> reporter: coe star steven moyer has a few concerns of his own.

>> this is my von trap balcony. i start exactly where we're standing. i walk down that stairs.

>> that will be leave. that could be calamitous.

>> all of a sudden a camera is in your eye lean. crap, i'm in the wrong place, i have to take step over so this camera can peck me up.

>> reporter: there are 61 cast members selected from over 1,500 who auditioned

>> back stage the busy wardrobe ream. over 207 costumes. recognize these? the beautiful play clothes made from the mansion's curtains. i hear carrie underwood even sewed these herself. she's amazing. with more costumes, the minutes of the show, it's all about the quick change .

>> i think i have like 48 seconds to change my clothes for one scene. we did a test run. we got it done in 22. i'm like, what? people like back stage ripping my clothes off.

>> reporter: one thing underwood has totally under control the singing, even if it involves a bit of yodeling. they said, this is going to be tough. i'm like, i got this one. i have actually been yodeling my whole life. [ music playing ]

>> okay. i am watching.

>> i have a confession, i've never seen the musical. this will be my first time seeing it. i'm going to tweet throughout the entire session.

>> shocking.

>> mcdonald, she is mother superior . this is going to be spectacular.

>> i cannot wait. you can catch "the sound of music " live tonight.

>> what do you mean, live?

>> where have you been?

>> didn't they shoot this?

>> this is going to be awesome.

>> it is very live.

>> don't forget -- we will have them performing here live. matt.