TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Maria Shriver talks about new #DoingItAll series

NBC’s Maria Shriver talks a new series of reports she has coming up revolving around the hashtag #DoingItAll, which will focus on helping women find the tools they need to manage their everyday lives.

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>> trying to find balance in your life. nbc special anchor maria schriver is launching a new series for us on the "today" show. good morning.

>> thank you, matt.

>> this is doing it all. before i talk about the focus and the specifics, i want you to tell people at home, women in particular, you want their input on this.

>> we have already started. we have been getting lots of responses of people saying i am doing it all, i don't have time. i need help financially, i need help spiritually. so we want to hear how we can help you.

>> we hear the expression a lot having it all.

>> right.

>> i think it's different from women saying i am doing it all.

>> one in three women are struggling financially. there is millions secretary general head of households who are well. they are being told to reach for the glass ceiling . they say the foundation we are standing on is cracking. it is filled with cracks. we want to know what will help you? do you need flexible hours, job shearing? health benefits ? financial assistance? what is it?

>> when a lot of women say i'm doing it all, it's because they are forced to do it all. they have for the work. they have to take care of their kids and their parents. the pressure on these women is enormous. a lot like to put on a brave tase. a lot are really struggling.

>> a lot feel alone, invisible. they feel they are the ones not doing it all. women kind of judge themselves seriously. i have been inspired by a lot of the letters that have already come in and said that i tried to go back to work. i raised my kids. my husband lost his job. we need benefits. i'm working my way back up. can you help me?

>> just a portion 07 an essay you wrote as part of this. you say millions of women today find themselves being told to break the glass ceiling . yet you feel there is no foundation to stand on. it's hard to add to a cracked ceiling when you stand on a cracked floor. what do you want so that you can even think about the ceiling? what do you need to feel strong, stable and secure? how can people get their stories to you?

>> well, they can go to doing it all, the hashl tag on the "today" show. we will meet them. obviously not all of them. some of the best stories. we have been inundated with people saying i need time. i need a partner who can help me. i need a job who understands. i need time off to take my mother who has alzheimer's. these are real people with real issues. they need laterally help.

>> you will give them real tools for survival. you alluded a second ago. they may actually find if they send you a compelling story you show up.

>> i don't know. if they invite me. people don't invite me that much.

>> you will get a lot of envytations i can tell you again.

>> we want to hear from men, too. i think it's important. so much of the women today has not included men. we also want to hear from men. what do they think the women in their leaves. so many men now are doing it all. what do they need in the two genders need to come together on all of these issues. what women really need is time.

>> a beg series we are launching in january. we want to hear from you. send us your stories on "today".com or tweet us with the hashtag doing it all. maria, thanks so much.