TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Lego donates $1.2 million in toys for TODAY drive

Michael McNally of the Lego Group tells TODAY that the toy company will be donating $1.2 million in toys for the show’s annual toy drive, and talks about their hottest-selling products of the holiday season.

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>>> our toy drive is off and running. it's 20 years and counting. kids love legos .

>> yes they do. our friends at lego are going to help families in need. michael is here to tell us about another donation. good morning and thank you for what you do for our toy drive.

>> good morning. thank you for what you do as well.

>> we're doing $1.2 million worth of lego sets this year.

>> that's a lot of he legos .

>> it s. it's a mix of a couple of different sets. some of our galaxy squad and chima sets. kids will have a great time building and exploring.

>> you do this globally too.

>> we're based in denmark and sold in 130 countries around the world. we have charitable initiatives all around the world.

>> we're seeing some of the hottest legos out now. what are some of the bigger sellers this year?

>> well, we have lego friends which has been a really strong seller for us and also --

>> star wars i know.

>> lego city actually.

>> lego city .

>> i was in a toy store with my 4-year-old son yesterday and he was sweeping telling me to tell santa. you'll be in good shape in our house anyway.

>> i get the catalog and luke is writing lots of letters to santa. lego this and lego that.

>> and a lego movie next year.

>> yes, february.

>> thank you so much. what a generous donation. don't forget our toy drive needs your help. come to the plaza with a toy or donate online.

>> good news, you asked for it.

>> a number of you tweeted you want to see matt