TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Lindsey Vonn back on the slopes after injury

The Olympic hopeful, who suffered a partially torn knee ligament during a training session, is back on the slopes as the countdown to the Winter Olympics in Sochi continues.

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>> look this morning at lindsay vaughan 's return to the slopes as she continues to fight back against her most recent injury. with 64 days until the sochi games she is showing remarkable progress. it was back to work for lindsay vaughan on wednesday. taking to the slopes of canada's lake louise for a training run two weeks after partially tearing the acl in a fall in colorado.

>> i'm trying to make sure things are good with my knee. i feel confident every day. right now i'm focused on this particular moment.

>> vaughan wrote on instagram, it was an amazing feeling returning to the pro cup after being away for ten months. vaughan will make a comeback in time for the winter olympics in sochi remains to be answered.

>> if vaughan shows weak inside over the next six, seven weeks consistently, i think that's a problem for sochi . but i also think that vaughan can turn things around rather quickly.

>> as vaughan told me last week on "today," she has confidence she'll be ready for sochi .

>> i feel like i have a lot left to achieve for this season. i have to take it day-by-day right now. i still have time before sochi .

>> with this feeling there is so much pressure on her. we hope she takes it easy and goes at her