TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

Newtown 911 calls described as ‘calm,’ professional

Officials in Connecticut released the 911 calls that came in during the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school last year, despite pleas from the victims’ families asking that the calls not be released.

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>>> despite pleas from families and investigators they not be released. officials on wednesday in connecticut made public 20 minutes of 911 calls last year at sandy hook elementary school t. calls urged police to come quickly. in some calls, shots can be heard. in one, a teacher shot in the foot told police there's children in this room. overall, the tapes show calm, bravery and professionalism. nbc news has made a decision out of respect for the families not to play those tapes.

>> we should talk about that for a second more. we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the shootings. the families said please to media outlets, don't play the tames. our policy, the decision was paid based on this that if we had found something in those tapes that significantly advanced the story that told us how it happened or how it could be prevented in the future we would play that. we did not find that. nothing that rose to that level. so we decided to respect the family's wishes.

>> a beautiful decision i think.

>> an occasion that we were able to accommodate.

>> the city leaders said upon this one-year anniversary, they know you want well wish, card and things, hold off as these families continue to grieve on the one-year mark. they appreciate the thought. they still