TODAY   |  December 05, 2013

First dog Sunny knocks toddler over

The Obamas’ pet got a bit overexcited as the family welcomed children of military families during the annual White House Holiday decorating party, knocking a toddler over. The tot was just fine, and regained her footing with help from the first lady.

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>>> car zoson daily.

>> thank you very much, it's fun to look. hashtag orange room on that. i am back. i see our very thanks, tree here. sonny the elf sitting there. sunny obama. i heard the white house dog made famous yesterday. take a look at this.

>> oh.

>> that is 2-year-old ashley gardner at the white house as the first lady was doing the military family decorating party. sunny got excited and locked young ashley over. pastry chefs in shock. this is ashton's father, never worried. not a worry of fear in that man's eyings. the apology begins quickly. the dog says sorry. mrs. obama says, don't worry, you and your family will never pay taxes. we'll have more from the orange room in a bit.

>> there has just been a lawsuit filed in that story.