TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Toast the holidays with wines that give back

Wine experts Leslie Sbrocco and Ray Isle suggest some fine and affordable wines that give back part of their profits to charities dedicated to women’s social and environmental causes.

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>>> it is the season of giving. one way to do that is buy a nice bottle of wine for yourself or as a gift for a good cause.

>> here with some options, food and wine magazine and leslie's bracco, author of "wine for women."

>> besides sonny and cher, you might be my favorite duo.

>> so cute.

>> did you bring your girls today?

>> i did bring the girls.

>> the only thing people noticed about your wine segment last time thyme was your girl.

>> we did nickname them thanks and giving.

>> i've got nothing here.

>> yours would be noel.

>> speaking of breasts --

>> wines that actually do give back to charity when you buy the bottle. the first two -- we sort of broke it up by ideas. gift to women causes, hand craft inspiration white, nice light blend of riesling and pinot grigio .

>> i like the color.

>> continuing that through 2014 .

>> almost like a light dessert wine . i don't like riesling usually. that's nice.

>> it's crisp and lovely.

>> moving on.

>> and, again, speaking of breasts, wine sisterhood courageous cabernet, also give to breast cancer research . over the course of a given year they give over $150,000, tough enough to wear pink breast cancer research .

>> $10?

>> $10. and it's great. keep art in school, all the thing that is help a sister out.

>> where do you find these wines, you guys?

>> target.

>> really?

>> widely distributed throughout the country.

>> one more screw top and they're discovering that is better for your wine.

>> that's right. it keeps it fresher.

>> corks occasionally mess with the wine a little bit. screw tops are perfect.

>> don't be a snob about that.

>> go like this and pretend it's a cork. move to social causes, this is rodney strong's cabernet.

>> i actually met rodney strong.

>> of course you have.

>> in nantucket.

>> he was a dancer.

>> that's right.

>> this is a classic california cabern cabernet, $15, $16. great to give as a gift.

>> i like that.

>> isn't that lovely? they've given $16,000 to the united twee gbg to food bank .

>> i love that.

>> a program here in new york city to go with the food bank with -- what's it called?

>> and murphy good, operation home front red, this is a big rich blend of zinfandel, which gives every bottle to operation home front which helps military families and veterans in need.

>> very much in need right now.

>> this is widely distributed, 15 bucks a bottle. josh sellers is another brand that's also giving money to operation home.

>> it was jim steel i met, not rodney strong. thank you for reminding me.

>> are we supposed to be eating these in between?

>> i think so.

>> you may have one of those tasty crackers in between.

>> and come over here so the camera can get it.

>> keeping things really healthy now with environmental causes . steelhead pinot noir . 1% to the planet, vast group of organizations, 1% of all the sales go to environmental causes . that's a lot of money.

>> sparkling wines , iron horse , ocean reserve. they partnered with national geographic and so $4 from every bottle goes to keeping our oceans healthy. and, ladies, these are for you. save a wino. right here.

>> they're available at whole foods, right?

>> $1 goes to protect animals.

>> this has been my favorite segment in a long time. for two good reasons. you add in ray, three. wine, four and my good friend,