TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Spruce up your home (without the spruce)

Chris and Peyton Lambton, hosts of HGTV’s “Going Yard,” share ways to make your house festive without hauling in a live tree. Their alternatives include a candy cane tree and even an upside-down tree.

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>>> we announced at the top of the show that kim and kanye were going to perhaps be getting married at versailles in paris.

>> " us weekly " reported that.

>> yes. and --

>> breaking new.

>> breaking news.

>> we just heard from their camp that that is absolutely not true. so stop spreading stuff like that, hoda woman.

>> absolutely.

>>> world famous lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree is tonight.

>> if you want to be a little different this christmas we do have a few twists from the gorgeous hosts of hgtv.

>> they make me sick.

>> yeah, kind of. chris and peyton.

>> even their names are like perfect.

>> you guys.

>> hi, kids.

>> look at these.

>> artificial tree.

>> look at this candy cane one.

>> it might be my favorite. leave it up year round, put some blue lights on it, it's ready for fourth of july.

>> wow!

>> we like to leave our decorations up year round.

>> it's prelit. you light a tree, after you put the lights on, take them off. this comes in platinum as well. but then my favorite --

>> mine, too, i think.

>> the palm tree .

>> look at this palm tree .

>> right?

>> you can get that from target or something you said?

>> buy it online. the great thing about this it doesn't come with a six-pack of corona, but you can easily buy it. it's like a feliz navidad .

>> put them up, they're super ea easy.

>> between $100 and $ 00.

>> and you keep them.

>> the price of the tree is about $100 and you pay that every year.

>> sometimes when you get artificial trees, you open the box and all the things fall out and you have to spend forever --

>> hodie doesn't like it.

>> these were pretty easy to assemble. three stocks, right into the end of the basket.

>> fluff it.

>> exactly.

>> these are like smurfs.

>> you like these? this comes as a set.

>> want them in all the colors.

>> fun for a holiday party. put it on your dining room table.

>> this is very good dr. seuss, good for a kid's room. let them decorate it and have fun with these trees.

>> and lastly?

>> competition time , ladies.

>> we don't have a lot of time.

>> we have plenty of time.

>> start decorating it.

>> more of a traditional tree, snow on there, prelit.

>> i don't like all the other --

>> there's ribbons in here.

>> there's ribbons.

>> got the snow.

>> all gold?

>> i don't know. what do you think?

>> put it on top. why