TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Great gifts for the foodie in your family

If you have an enthusiastic food lover in your family but don’t know what to get them, lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers has some great suggestions, such as measuring spoons that measure “pinches,” and “dashes” and a stylish fruit dispenser.

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>>> and we're about to help you with your christmas gift list. if there's a foodie in your life, this is for you.

>>> for gifts under $50, foodie expert cissy.

>> why not give your foodie friend the excessive chef cutting board ? it has these imprints in the birch wood. you can make a perfect julienne, whatever it might be.

>> i am a little like that.

>> then this is for the other extreme. for those of us who like to cook with just that smidgeon, pinch, a dash. when she says a smidgeon, that's what a smidgeon is. put a ribbon on it, put it in a stocking.

>> that's a nice stocking stuffer .

>> for my daughter, sarah, and fiance. they live in a little apartment. it's a fruit basket that's vertical. it's barware. take it from the bottom. oranges and bananas off the back. it's a clever way to use the space for your foodie. small company, mom and pop , u.s.a. sharp. they send you this box for under $30. you load knives in the sleeves they provide.

>> careful.

>> you mail it and it comes back to you in three days perfectly sharpened knives for the foodie who has no time.

>> that's great.

>> for guests to bring along. when the holidays are finished, they'll send those off. real gold mine is the kitchen equipment store. i have globe equipment where i live. this is a must-have for any foodie. mandolin making the julienne. it does everything you need. for the restaurant foodie, this is how we serve french fries now in the fry basket. have at it. so that gives that restaurant experience at home.

>> unless they're hot. thank goodness, they're not hot.

>> next up, perfect egg poacher.

>> stop it.

>> $5. pop it in here. break an egg in there. it goes in the papers and into your gently boiling water. pull it out. in no time at all you have the perfectly shaped egg. drop it in. i don't know if i have the total -- if this was in here long enough. bianca is so good at those things. it's the perfect poacher.

>> bianca!

>> i love that.

>> what foodie isn't nuts about nuts?

>> careful. careful.

>> from a great guy out in seattle. hot and sweet cashews. it's so fabulous. really i think it's one of the best of the season.

>> great.

>> next up --

>> we love our nuts.

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