TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

‘A Christmas Story’ tongue scene recreated on subway

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker take a lighthearted look at a new video from comedy troupe Improv Everywhere in which they recreate an iconic scene from the 1983 film “A Christmas Story” on the New York City subway.

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>> for the longest time i was a little dislexic. i thought it was bilge.

>> how long did you call her that?

>> i never said it outloud.

>> that would be uncomfortable.

>> i know mary and i told her that story and she smacked me.

>> she bilgeed you.

>> it's going to be fun and a great time.

>> huge, great group of starts.

>> 500,000 people come in here.

>> speaking of singing, where does that rank on your bucket list, singing i will survive with gloria gaynor .

>> huge.

>> and the disco ball right there in the middle of the home base set. that's like you with mr. t. playing mr. t.

>> yeah.

>> this was up there. i looked at savannah at one point.

>> you had the step touch going there.

>> step touch. step touch.

>> if you listen to that, we can barely hear you and savannah. which was probably the right way to go.

>> audio helped us out in that department.

>> they never turned your mics on.

>> they did tell us to hold it right up to our mouth. i was like, i don't think so.

>> i'm happy with lip syncing.

>> amazing.

>> completely indulged in every woman's fantasy. it was great.

>> all right. let's talk a little news here. a lot of you probably saw this story. two police officers in dalton georgia up in the northwest part of the state have been suspended for swearing at a school bus full of children. middle school i hads can. the incident happened on november 11th after the bus driver called 911 because the students were so unruly she needed help from the police.

>> you want to act like a bunch of [ bleep ]. you can't focus [ bleep ]. you want to act [ bleep ] do it at home. you think it's [ bleep ] funny when someone is hurt. you want to grow up and be a man, look at me like a [ bleep ] man.

>> those are 11 and 12 year old kids. the dalton police chief put out a statement saying i was disappointed to hear about this incident. this is out of line with department and community standards . he said these are two good cops. they had a bad moment and they're paying the price for it.

>> i think they got confused and thought they were getting on to a prison bus instead of a middle school school bus . a little confused.

>> clearly this is a bus with behavior problems. if the bus driver couldn't get the kids under control, authority figures are going to come in and that will do the trick. i think they could have handled it without the f bombs and all the other expletives that were used. all they had to do was show the badge and say silent.

>> went home and said mom and dad repeatedly.

>> mom and dad reported it. that's why it's out there now.

>> they went too far. we agree on that one.

>> sunday was a huge travel day. people coming home from thanksgiving. a little problem in gainsville, florida. it grounded a delta flight that was supposed to carry the university of florida basketball team .

>> this isn't a charter flight ?

>> no, routine flight.

>> so they cancelled an already scheduled flight to accommodate the team.

>> no they didn't?

>> 15 passengers bumped and put on lighter flights. some not until the next day.

>> you were flying out of georgia.

>> good thing.

>> one of the bumped passengers had to miss a funeral because they were bumped off the plane. delta made the operational decision to swap aircraft as the maintenance work was expected to be done quickly. unfortunately it was not. delta made every effort to reaccommodation the customers. we apologize to the customers. the university of florida didn't participate in this decision making progress.

>> it worked out well for florida, didn't it?

>> no, lost at the buzzer by one point.

>> if they had just gotten complimentary nuts and a cookie.

>> the tiny water they give you.

>> somebody squeeze a little lime on that it's like having a key lime pie .

>> on the cookie? really?

>> i was declined the cookie. it is dry and brittle.

>> but we digress.

>> it makes a great graham cracker crust. what were we talking about?

>> how do you really feel about the delta decision?

>> well, the delta decision speaks for itself. it was wrong. but those are good cook kiss.

>> they're good. this next story, i love it. it seems like we have something about the pope every single day. pope francis has been venturing out of the vatican at night disguised as a priest and ministering to the homeless around rome. the archbishop implied the pope was joining him on nightly charity trips. he takes off duty vatican guards and they sneak away and minister to the homeless. how inkred sbl thcredible is that?

>> i would figure he's the most recognizable face in rome at this point.

>> he has done more for the catholic church in probably the short period of time he's been pope than has been done in a long, long time.

>> people are coming back to the church by his example.

>> by his example.

>> because he's so humble and approachable and he's really made the church feel like it's more relevant in this day and age.

>> he certainly has gotten steven colbert 's attention. he dubbed him batpope. check it out.

>> oh, he's a vigilante vicor. coming to the help of those in need. he's the batpope. holy, holy father, nation. it all makes so much sense now. he's just like bruce wayne . he's a healthy bachelor who lives alone in a giant mansion. and bruce wayne has the batmobile while francis has the popemobile. not only that, batman talks to morgan freeman and the pope talks to god who is also morgan freeman .

>> wow. the parallels are eerie.

>> that's awesome.

>> but some people might say that is sack religious but he has done such an amazing job.

>> we value to have humor.

>> the only guy that comes close here is joe biden .

>> he's sneaking out in the middle of the night . we don't know what he's doing.

>> batvp.

>> he's getting ready to come cohost the third hour --

>> here we go again.

>> not so good so far.

>> not so good.

>> now the secret service is starting to show up and say hey, roker, watch out.

>> this time of year, you have to come up christmas story , the movie.

>> i think it's one of our all time favorite holiday movies.

>> it's 30 years old this year. there's the group you probably heard of improv everywhere recreating a famous scene from that movie. check it out.

>> stick your tongue on that pole.

>> you guys are really dumb.

>> just stick your tongue on that pole.

>> all right. all right.

>> well, go on, do it.

>> i'm going. i'm going. this is not -- [ screaming ]

>> that is disgusting.

>> as somebody that enjoys and rides the new york city subways each and every day, you don't want to put your tongue on those poles.

>> it's bad enough that someone is putting their bare hands on them. or you lean on it and hope it props you up.

>> sometimes it doesn't.

>> you have enough, you can just wedge right into that pole.

>> that's right. just squeeze a little bit.

>> so you get a good workout too.

>> that's the worst mental imagine ever.

>> oh my gosh.

>> where have you gone today?