TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

See TODAY producer’s caught-on-camera proposal

After a social campaign sparked by TODAY’s Al Roker, our very own producer Matt Greenfield coughed up the footage of his proposal from a few weekends ago and talked to the anchors about how he formulated his plan to pop the question.

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>>> we told you that today producer, matt greenfield got engaged a couple of weekends ago. matt told me a couple of days ago. i actually overheard you talking to someone about it.

>> i purposefully didn't tell you guys for this specific reason.

>> you knew what would happen.

>> i asked you for the story. you were kind enough to send me the story with a link to a piece of video. matt really produced this up. let's take a look at it [ inaudible ]

>> that is beautiful.

>> well done.

>> thank you.

>> i'm sure your mother is very proud.

>> yeah. i'm sad that she won't be able to be there.

>> she is.

>> thank you.

>> she is.

>> you have a beautiful bride-to-be.

>> fantastic.

>> i'm sure she's laughing at me right now.

>> great job. the waiter brought it out in a platter.

>> yeah. i had talked to him the day before and we kind of choreographed the whole thing and set up the cameras.

>> you did a full rehearsal.

>> yes, we did. he was my stand in and we checked it all out. i was nervous that things were going to go terribly wrong and it took about an hour before he actually brought us out to this private table so i was just trying to keep my cool and not let on the whole time but i was freaking out.

>> you make it very difficult for a lot of guys thinking of proposing. way to go my man.

>> the only advice i can say is keep it simple .

>> and then produce it.

>> do what willie and i did, marry up.

>> well, i'm certainly doing that.