TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Delicious desserts for holiday dinner

Pastry chef Gesine Bullock-Prado is in the TODAY kitchen with a few delicious dessert recipes for the holidays, including coconut snowballs and hidden snowman cake.

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>>> today's kitchen is brought to you by macy's.

>> 8:52 and we're in today's kitchen. this morning, delicious holiday desserts. she is the author of bake it like you mean it and her recipes can be found in the december issue of better homes and gardens . nice to see you.

>> nice to be back.

>> it's a pleasure. these are delicious but they take a little work.

>> these are actually incredibly easy.

>> for you.

>> but your favorite is coconut.

>> you don't love coconut either but you need coconut to make the snowballs.

>> what else is a snowball going to be but coconut.

>> you start out with cakes.

>> cakes. they are round. you can make them smaller and use muffin tins. looks just as well. you can hollow a little out or just enough. depending on how much filling you want.

>> what do you need?

>> you can use nutella or any other kind of jam you like. just enough to squeeze them together.

>> that helps hold them together?

>> it does. but you're going to put just a little more if you're not sure.

>> okay.

>> smear it around like you're buttering toast and you put it on toast. this is the messy part. this is why i have a towel here to wipe our fingers. get your kids and they're going to love this. they're going to smear it all over on the top first and then tip it in the coconut.

>> get it all over your hands. that's fine.

>> shredded coconut here.

>> and when you're done it looks like that.

>> it's fantastic. and it has the great raspberry and butter cream filling on the inside.

>> and a little wet towel.

>> that's one great classic dessert.

>> as reading this last night i was thinking how is she going to do this? this is the hidden snow man.

>> i'm a genius.

>> it's magic. but not really. it's so easy. you take a cookie cutter, usually two inches or so and put the batter on the bottom.

>> is this just chocolate cake batter?

>> yes. but you can use any sturdy batter. contrasting colors are key.

>> this is yellow cake .

>> take your thingy and pull it out. it's not going to come out and then you just pop it out. if you have little things on the side like this that you spray it with nonstick cooking spray and dip it in. just head down.

>> and people are looking at this saying why are we doing this? because now once you bake that, this is where the hidden part comes.

>> you don't bake it all the way through. it will be about almost done. it's still a little soft so that when you bake the cake around it it is perfectly baked in the middle.

>> it catches up to the rest of the cake. then you go around your snow man. implths it's fantastic. kids are going to love this.

>> you put what kind of frosting on that?

>> it's marshmallow frosting.

>> perfect.

>> here are the snowballs. for your easter egg mold you do it for the holidays. you put frosting on top and dip almonds in a little bit of glitter and start putting them on. it's easy. it looks so gorgeous. this is so easy.

>> and she started each one of these on halloween.

>> the best ever.

>> use that 4th of july .

>> and that is a little white

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