TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Special Steals and Deals for holiday bargain-hunters

Jill Martin is back with some holiday-themed Steals and Deals, including some great children’s book sets and the Body Shop “giving kit.”

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>> to a special holiday edition of steals and deals. if you need help with your shopping, look no further. jill martin is here to save the day. she is a contributing editor for people style watch. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> what do we have?

>> everything will arrive in time for christmas. if you're still looking, here's your place. let's start with the kids. random house children's little golden book sets. the retail is 39.90. six iconic book sets. there's the classics and new original stories featuring barbie and classic disney movie titles. the retail is 39.90. the deal is $12. that's 70% off.

>> how many books did you say?

>> you get 10.

>> it's beautiful.

>> i know, they didn't look like this when we were kids.

>> 10 years ago.

>> yeah, you wish.

>> i do wish.

>> next, what do we have?

>> gloves. let's move over here. retail 135. classic leather gloves . look at the great colors. cashmere lining. extra small to large. 8 colors. you see all the vibrant colors here. the retail 135. the deal $39.

>> they have a nice lining.

>> yes.

>> fancy.

>> very fancy.

>> our crew is all everyone wants to know the time here because these are major. the sterling luxury watches. retail 295 to 695. 12 men and 18 womens. everything is spelled out. roots dating back to the 18 hundreds. two year warranty. $295 to $695, the deal, $69. up to 90% off.

>> these are going to fly off the shelves. the internet shelves.

>> this is is our version of cyber monday.

>> i like the rose gold .

>> a lot of different activiticents.

>> this is from the body shop . the retail is $145. you can split it up. so you get ten pieces. so you could do like two a person and wrap them separately. 10 piece bath and body collection. right here on the bottom all the different things. body butter, shower gel, shea butter . the deal is $39. that's 73% off.

>> do you get to pick the flavors.

>> no, it's a whole situation already laid out so you can curate it for the people in your life.

>> i like this, chocolate mania soap.

>> maybe mike would like that.

>> he is a fan of you and steals and deals. what can i tell you. these robes are lovely.

>> $220. terry interior. 100% cotton, machine washable. available in four colors. sold at niemann marcus, saks and bloomingdal bloomingdales. they come in a great box ready to give.

>> what's the fourth color?

>> it's white and someone is sporting white.

>> oh, i didn't even mean to do that segway and there it is.

>> i'm just chilling in the robe. that's how i roll. anyway, we have this awesome caption contest again. here's a picture we took earlier today. go to our facebook page and click like and leave a creative caption for this moment. the 10 best submissions win the fancy robe and it only runs 24 hours . savannah, what's your best shot at this one?

>> oh, i was trying to --

>> how about throw me a bone and say sleeping beauty ?

>> holy legs tamron ?

>> she's showing some leg. now she is covering it up.

>> all right. tamron and jill , thank you so much. let us run through the deals one more time. the children's book set from random house . we have the gloves. luxury watches from sterling. the giving kit from the body shop and the robes. tamron and jill not included in that deal. if you have questions about the products or past orders head to coming