TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Meet the family who won TODAY’s ‘Sound of Music’ contest

Savannah talks to the Willis family, who won TODAY’s online contest related to NBC’s live broadcast of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday. The family talk about their own upcoming performance Friday on TODAY.

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>> turn now to our search for today's sound of music family. dozens of you submitted tapes. thousands of viewers weighed in. we narrowed it down to three families. the lloyds from south carolina , the boyds from new jersey and the willis family from tennessee. take a look. doe a deer a female deer ray a drop of golden sun and that brings us back to doe tea a drink with jam and bread and that will bring us back to do

>> well, we tabulated the votes and reviewed the video tapes and after careful consideration, drum roll please, the today sound of music family is the willis family from tennessee. guys, good morning to you. congratulations.

>> good morning.

>> thank you.

>> i know you're just finding out live. so toby, let me ask you, starting with dad. how does it feel to be the big winner?

>> it feels great. the kids, i'm just proud of the kids. and thank you for all the people that voted.

>> yes, thank you for all the voters.

>> well, everyone was so impressed not only by your voices but your showmanship. how much rehearsing can you do from now and when you do your big performance here friday on the plaza.

>> there will be lots of rehearsing.

>> yeah, i loved what you said on monday. you said it was either going to be epic or an epic fail . i guess it was epic. what are you going to do to try to top it?

>> i'm not sure. i don't think we have a plan yet but we'll probably try something really crazy.

>> have you thought about maybe rehearsing on the airplane on the way? there shouldn't be any wasted minutes between now and then?

>> yeah, we're kind of known for doing crazy things on airplanes -- well, we're kind of known for doing crazy things in general. i'm sure we'll have stories.

>> we will.

>> we knlt wait to meet you in person. we'll see you friday. coming up, we'll