TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

2nd-grader’s ‘buddy bench’ cures playground loneliness

Christian Bucks cameup with an inventive way to help his fellow classmates who feel left out have a place for camaraderie, called the buddy bench. He pitched the idea to his principal.

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>>> we all know kids can be cruel but here's an example o of a boy trying to change that. you will love christian. he's a 2nd grader from pennsylvania. he felt bad for his lonely classmates on the playground. he came one this idea, a buddy bench where kids feeling left out can feel welcome.

>> if you're lonely and don't have anything to do you can sit on the buddy bench and someone can come and ask if you want to play or talk.

>> the goal is to grow the circle of friends .

>> i like it.

>> my new favorite kid.

>> i love it.