TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Search is on in Fla. for bear who attacked woman

Florida wildlife officials are trying to track down a bear that attacked a woman who was walking her dogs. NBC News’ Mark Potter reports.

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>>> florida wildlife officials are trying to track down a bear. mark potter has the story.

>> reporter: this morning in a neighborhood where bears like this one are commonly seen, residents are on edge after a woman was attacked by a bear while walking her dogs monday night. a neighbor heard a comotion and called 911.

>> a woman, i think has been mobbed by a bear and needs help.

>> the 54-year-old was bleeding from the head when they took her to the emergency room .

>> tell her to stay calm. tell her not the move.

>> yeah.

>> reporter: wildlife officials sent tuesday setting up traps. 24 hours earlier this bear was spotted wandering the streets of the same neighborhood. bear sightings are common here with a nature preserve about a mile away.

>> we do see bears alot.

>> reporter: this man identified only as richard said he found the woman in her neighbor's doorway.

>> all she was interested in was the dogs.

>> reporter: the dogs were unhurt. if they can identify the bear through dna, it will be euthanized to prevent other attacks.