TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Vote for your favorite viral moment!

The first-ever Orange Room Awards are upon us, and it’s time for you to vote for the most memorable moment captured on viral video.

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>>> well, the internet has produced countless memorable moments this year and tamron is celebrating the best over in the orange room . good morning.

>> good morning. this is huge. this is epic. it's the first ever orange room awards. are you prepared to vote over there?

>> absolutely.

>> i don't think you're buying how huge this is. let me tell you the categories. first up guys, it's the most memorable moment. all of these are things that have shown up on that viewers enjoyed. the baby that cry when her mom sang to her opp or the bun in the oven. what a way to announce you're expecting the baby. or the guy that woke up from surgery and told his wife she was super hot. the next category. savannah, you'll love this. the best digital dance off. none of our moments from today are on here but we do have the dance off with the usher and the cute kid at the game and who can forget prancersize. we'll never forget her and pet of the year. some of the cute mets i really enjoyed on anyway, voting throughout the day. wrapping up on friday and we'll announce them next week guys.

>> wow, okay.

>> what about the dad whose son got to see him. he was so excited?