TODAY   |  December 04, 2013

Prince Harry and Team UK lead Antarctic race

At last report, Prince Harry and Team UK are in the lead over two other teams of wounded soldiers in day four of a charity trek through the Antarctic.

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>> take a big turn with a big section of the country dealing with extreme cold, prince harry is doing the same. it's day four of his trek to the south pole . he is trying to raise money for injured servicemen and women. willie geist has a report on that. good morning to you.

>> good morning to you. harry has served himself in the military and he has joined the race to highlight the courage and determination of military men and women. the wounded warriors showing again some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

>> and they're off. prince harry and three teams of injured soldiers began their race to the south pole on sunday after extreme and arctic weather delayed the start. the three teams are made up of wounded servicemen and women from the u.s., the u.k. and the common wealth along with an honorary member. while the british team has prince harry , alexander scarsguard is on team u.s. first off, the station in antarctica for training. they fly 87 degrees south to the starting line. they'll race 174 miles in temperatures hitting 30 below. a trek that should take 15 days. the latest update has team uk in the lead with team usa close behind and the common wealth in third but it's still anyone's race.

>> prince harry is no stranger to the cold. he joined a group of wounded british soldiers to a part of their trek two and a half years ago. as a serving soldier himself, this cause is very important to him. before the race even started, he called another group of soldiers to wish them good luck on their charitiable row across the atlantic.

>> we just start on sunday. 300 kilometer walk. when do you start?

>> we are due to start monday for 3,000 miles.

>> yeah, 3,000 miles is -- [ inaudible ]

>> reporter: they'll need that sense of humor as they battle their way to the south pole .

>> to go along with the extreme conditions they also get to pull sleds that weigh about 175 pounds. so unless you think this is a photo on for prince harry , 174 mile walk is no stroll in the park.

>> not in those conditions.