TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

The results are in! Find out who ‘Cut the Creep’

Melvina and Kathy took up the challenge: to keep off the extra pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday. Now they return to the Fourth Hour for a weigh-in to see how well they succeeded.

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>>> we're back with help so you can cut the creep!

>> and not let those holiday pounds pack on between now and new year's.

>> that's right. i know it's hard to say no to all those delicious delicacies this time of year without paying for it later. two viewers, melvina and kathy rizzo have enlisted the help of madelyn fernstrom. today, we're going to learn if they were successful at cutting the thanksgiving creep. first of all, how has it been four. look, it was thanksgiving.

>> were you both cooking?

>> were you careful, were you thinking about everythingy.

>> yes, it was tough. i have to say. i had seconds -- i did have seconds.

>> for thanksgiving.

>> yeah, it was tough. i love food. and the smell of the food cooking.

>> and your husband is no help.

>> oh, he's a food devil.

>> bernie -- bennie.

>> bennie.

>> part of the issue was not to be deprived. it wasn't all or nothing saying i'm not going to have all my favorites. to pick and choose, to use real ingredients for the things you love. and be mindful. it just means making a better choice.

>> were you able to make better choices?

>> absolutely.

>> it should show up. melvina , we saw in the tease, you covered your eyes. do you think you're up weight, down or the same? take a guess.

>> maybe a half a pound or a pound.

>> up or down?

>> up.

>> madelyn, we'd like you to reveal the results?

>> melvina is up two pounds but before we think that's the end of the world --

>> melvina 's depressed.

>> that's why it's called the creep. it creeps up.

>> part of this is going to be fluid retention . it's not absolute weight.

>> did you do on your own scale?

>> no, i didn't.

>> if you make friends with the scale going this is a wake-up call. before you got on, you go, oh, i know i'm up. there were some things going on you want to learn from. all this is an indicator for next week, you want to double up your efforts and look at the things where you can improve. it's not really a bummer. you would have liked to have stayed the same. that's where we cut the creep.

>> i went to the gym today, i didn't want to get on the scale. i always weigh the same like 146, i was 149.

>> so don't --

>> that's rude. what was just terrible.

>> what scale?

>> don't feel bad.

>> okay. let's move on. kathie. now knowing what we know, be careful?

>> i made a lot of sacrifices so i hope it's less. i don't want to know, though.

>> your clothes can fit a little differently.

>> yes.

>> tell us, madelyn, the reveal.

>> okay.

>> down 1.2 pounds.

>> oh!

>> melvina now feels worse.

>> i made you feel better, melvina , you're not alone.

>> this may not be real weight. it could be fluid shift. you were paying a lot of tension. melvina this is for you to learn, i'm got to wake up, i'm not putting on stretch pants. and you wore something with a belt which means i'm paying attention. it's not because you had a weight change. it's a wake-up call.

>> eggnog is one of the favorites.

>> i love that.

>> was there another alternative. i know we have drinks here.

>> you like it with the works, rum, right?

>> i did have almond milk .

>> there are two ways to do things there are people that go i want a small amount of the real thing. if that's you, have a teeny, three or four ounces of real eggnog. that's not melvina because she goes, i like to have several.

>> well, okay -- usually, then, you dilute it and water it down with something that's not water. almond milk . some viewers wrote in and had skim milk with it. cut down on the booze a little bit.

>> did you like how it tasted when you watered it down?

>> no i think it tastes great. i didn't feel deprived at all.

>> what about working out, exercising?

>> i just couple up on exercising all weekend.

>> that's a great way to barter. we always think about food. if you walk about 20 minutes , that's about 100 calories.

>> that's all?

>> it takes five minutes s to eat --

>> five minutes to eat 500 calories, two hours to burn it off. someone like you, hoda, you're at the gym, you can use that to barter for food. the rest of us have to be mindful, we have for you, melvina and kathy, we have two pedometers. these are oldies but goodies .

>> take the stairs instead of the escalators.

>> all of these activities of daily live will go burn calories.

>> don't be discouraged.

>> melvina , off them this week.

>> i know.

>> you're with us, you're going to do great.