TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

70-year-old fulfills dream to wear a wedding dress

Now 70, Ruth Crawford never fulfilled her dream of wearing a beautiful dress for a magical wedding. But now, with some help, her dream has finally come true.

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>>> this morning on hope to it, a very special wish comes true.

>> most little girls dream of what they'll look like in a wedding dress .

>> but for one lucky woman the novelty of playing dress up never wore off.

>> ruth crawford married norman sullivan on october 18th , 1946 .

>> we met at the church and were married in the minister's study. it was right after world war ii and there weren't too many big weddings at that time. we were married on a friday evening. stayed in a hotel and we thought we were being so cool.

>> ruth never wore a dress fit for a princess and nearly 70 years later it's still something she dreams of.

>> think this is your dress?

>> yes.

>> when i saw this on television i thought oh i would love to do that. i don't have a husband anymore. but i still would like to tryon a wedding dress .

>> truth's fairy tale was about to become her reality all thanks to an organization called second wind dreams. they have been involved in over 400 elder care communities. it teamed one david's bridal to outfit this blushing bride.

>> i just want to put it on and see that i'm pretty.

>> i'd like something with a full skirt.

>> yeah, i like glamour.

>> reporter: what ruth doesn't realize is her friends and family are here to take part in the celebration.

>> oh my gosh.

>> oh.

>> oh my.

>> there i am.

>> i feel wonderful. and people i'm cheating up here.

>> reporter: like any bride, ruth 's decision isn't an easy one.

>> try that one.

>> it's beautiful.

>> reporter: but a true princess knows when her dress is fit for a prince.

>> come on up here groom. i can't have your dad here but i got you.

>> when you found the gown that you want to wear, you ring a bell.

>> you ring a bell. [ bell ringing ]

>> i'd like to make a toast to my mother, the most beautiful bride of all today.

>> when i saw myself in the mirror i didn't hardly believe that that could be me. i just feel overwhelmed. it feels like a fairy tale . i never thought it would happen. it's really a great dream come true .

>> so sweet. well, ruth 's special day didn't end there. family and friends threw her a full wedding reception with live music , festive decor and cake.

>> she looks beautiful.

>> it was spectacular.

>> every girl dreams of being in that beautiful dress so