TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

Chivalry isn’t dead (it just doesn’t want to be rude)

In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker talk about a range of topics, including a new study that suggests that the reason men aren’t chivalrous isn’t that they’re uncaring, but that they worry they may be patronizing women.

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>> announcer: this is today's take with al roker , natalie morales and willie geist . live from studio 1 -a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> welcome to today on this tuesday morning, december 3rd , 2013 . you saw the rockefeller christmas tree in the shot there. we're now one day away from lighting that thing up.

>> tomorrow, starting 7:00 at local stations, nationally at 8:00 eastern. and natalie, savannah, myself --

>> yeah.

>> it's going to be a great show. a lot of incredible musical acts, mariah carey , leona lewis . jewel.

>> i get to watch it at home on tv.

>> the tashe is gone.

>> your wife is the most happy.

>> the happiest of them all.

>> you can kind of see behind me jose from the art of shaving. and i asked him to stop by and take care of the rest of the thing. i went to the upper east side . they took care of me. i just wanted him to hack it off. they said we're going to do this right. straight razor.

>> it's a fantastic experience. it is.

>> it is.

>> i have gone to the art of shaving and i have to tell you, it's relaxing -- it's a nice experience.

>> it is. it's an experience.

>> like getting a facial massage.

>> did you fall asleep?

>> almost. they put you horizontal and they put the towel on your face.

>> he actually hangs me upside down.

>> that's another place you go.

>> by the way --

>> don't say it.

>> i just found something out, did you know we have a trending group of --

>> yeah.

>> of people that take care of our trending.

>> whatever is trending.

>> our today's take and then the talk with --

>> it's the brilliant trending minds of the "today" show.

>> it's a group.

>> it is.

>> we have a group. they're over there. standing over there. adam miller is in the orange room and there they are.

>> matt over there.

>> yeah.

>> allie.

>> trying to figure out what we need to talk about. it's really amazing.

>> they're down in a bunker beneath 30 rock coming up with these ideas.

>> monitors and feeds coming in constantly.

>> they're always looking through the papers trying to find the latest and greatest.

>> yeah.

>> all harvey levin wannabes. shutting at the pulse of what's going on.

>> speaking of, one of the big stories we have been talking about that they found, this trending group, we reported this earlier, the pope at one point in his life was a bouncer.

>> how great is this?

>> can you imagine him saying you get out of here?

>> it's amazing.

>> one thing after another. he told parishioners in a church outside rome he had been a bouncer in his past li.e he had other jobs, sweeping floors, running chemical lab tests but the one jumping out is that he stood at the door of a bar and said you can come in, you can't come in.

>> that's amazing.

>> the kind of guy he is, he was like everybody come in. the gates are wide open .

>> exactly.

>> come in.

>> not so much.

>> if he sensed the devil in you.

>> the drinks are on me.

>> the patron in the black suit with the ear piece.

>> made me think of some of our first jobs. what were some of your big jobs.

>> pizza delivery and landscaping were my big ones .

>> what did it teach you delivering pizza?

>> that i needed a better car than an old jeep that was bouncing up and down.

>> yeah.

>> what about you.

>> i was a pooper-scooper.

>> hello. is that a whole job?

>> i worked at a pet store .

>> you got paid?

>> i cleaned out cages for the most part. you could learn a lot about the health of a puppy just by it's poop.

>> please, tell us more.

>> how's your cheerios right now?

>> and i also, i worked as a make up counter girl so i did make overs. what else did i do? different odd jobs . what about you al?

>> my first job i was at a store in queens bagging chickens, you know? wrapping up chickens. and they were dead at the time.

>> i thought that was a euphemism for something.

>> i was back there bagging chickens. do you know what i mean ?

>> how you doing?

>> what did you learn about yourself?

>> i learned that they're very cold and i don't want to ever do this. and then i got a job when i was in high school working for a to z vending. this was the greatest high school job ever. i finished school at xavier high school and literally walked across the street and i boxed up candy that then guys took to vending machines . so it was one for the box one for me. i don't know if they're still alive. they were wonderful guys and morris came up with the great idea, this is going to change the future of vending, corn nuts . corn nuts . they'll last forever. push the corn nuts .

>> it's true. they do last forever.

>> and we were getting sued because people were breaking their teeth. push the corn nuts . and morris's son-in-law.

>> how much did you sell?

>> i didn't. i kept pushing the oreos.

>> but you learned about your business savvy?

>> no, i just learned that this is the greatest job. on the f train coming home hi the best job because i had a book bag full of stuff.

>> you were a hero.

>> yeah.

>> you were a hero.

>> snacks for everybody. and then i learned that i wanted to be part of the trending group.

>> well.

>> i still think all the jobs including trending group, character building.

>> you just reminded me in holiday they used to have focus groups in a town nearby where they had a new pastry from pills bury or whatever it was and you could go eat pastries and they would give you $20 and that was lunch money or not beer money because you don't drink in high school . that's crazy. money to do other things.

>> unless you're running for governor in maryland .

>> how many times did you sign up nar?

>> we were there a lot. and we told them it was fantastic. now can we have our $20.

>> and the pastries, please.

>> yes. let's talk about this tree making a difference. it is in silver spring , maryland . this tree made of 89 tube sleds.

>> cool.

>> tennis racquets, helmets, sports balls, bats. the idea is all the toys and gifts will be donated to children in need at a local charity.

>> i think it looks great. however i guess there are a couple of people in silver spring , maryland who don't really care for the look.

>> is their last name scrooge.

>> i guess people on their facebook page have expressed their displeasure in the lack of real tradition in having a real tree in the middle of silver springs , maryland . i think it's fantastic. this is for charity. it's original. it looks like art.

>> so they're against giving toys to needy kids? is that their position? that's a bold position, guys.

>> taking that jump.

>> screw those kids.

>> you shave the face and you get mean.

>> am i wrong?

>> when you had the mustache and looked like evil willie you were calm.

>> now i have to overcome the boyish face.

>> it's the dark side of willie .

>> you're right.

>> thank you.

>> dark natalie and evil willie .

>> good team.

>> a lot of people asking this question because of a new study. is chivalry dead? the new study finds men are unlikely to offer women seats or help with bags not because they're not good guys but they don't want to offend women. they're worried of being patronizing to women?

>> do you?

>> i've never had a woman say how dare you?

>> there's some women i've seen that are like you don't need to hold the door open for me. i can get it myself.

>> then i tripped her.

>> civil hivalry is still alive.

>> only one in seven men offer their seat to a woman on a train or won't help the mother with a heavy stroller.

>> i will always take the help. i don't care. i believe in equality of the sexes and everything and i will certainly say thank you and appreciate it.

>> let's say a full elevator. do you like it when the guys lay back and even if you're in the back of the elevator step to the side and let you step out first.

>> they move to let you over.

>> yeah.

>> because they could get off first.

>> you like that.

>> yeah, absolutely.

>> that's one of my pet peeves is that you hold the door open -- man or woman and they don't say thank you. come on.

>> i agree.

>> common curtesy.

>> absolutely. bring back chivalry.