TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

Iconic Michael Jackson, Elvis clothing on auction block

On Friday, Julien’s Auctions will put some iconic pop music memorabilia on the block for sale, including jackets worn by music legends Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

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>>> wanted to dance in elvis 's blue suede shoes or wear michael jackson 's glove? you know you want to. those are up for auction starting this friday in beverly hills . he is the president of julian's auctions and martin noland is the executive director. good morning, gentlemen.

>> good morning.

>> this is so awesome. darren, let's start off with michael jackson . some items from him. starting off with the bills tie jean gloves.

>> there's hundreds of them, right?

>> no, there's very few of them. he gave this to his long time photographer.

>> there's a limited number of them. this one was in rehearsal.

>> that's right in the late 80s.

>> and this life magazine with michael jackson , there's two of them here.

>> you can see him wearing this jacket on the cover. that was in 1997 and you can see here he is holding his son prince. so we estimate this jacket 50 to 80,000 and again we sold comparable jackets up to 2 and $300,000.

>> moving on here, elvis , blue suede shoes . are they really elvis 's shoes?

>> they are. they're the only pair he owned.

>> what size?

>> i would 9 or 10?

>> but they were on display at the elvis museum in las vegas for many years. this is the first time they have come up for auction. this is the holy grail .

>> can i just touch them?

>> you can.

>> i just touched them. some of the items you have here.

>> we have the jacket worn on the album cover elvis is back 1960 . it was his 5th in studio album .

>> we also have the ukulele from blue hawaii .

>> well, he didn't use it. he gifted it after the filming.

>> whitney houston . she wore this dress in saving all my love for you.

>> yes, she was 23. the start of the launch of whitney houston . she won the award for pop vocal artist. three nominations and of course she went on to great things. estimated 3 to 5,000. very iconic.

>> wow, this is amazing.

>>> moving on, this is back in a big way.

>> takes over the whole show.

>> tell me about this.

>> this is when he would relax, this is something for his casual.

>> this is his pajamas?

>> silver threading, gold threading. 8 to 1200 on this. sold at original auction in 1988 . he passed away in '87 of course and behind the chandeleer.

>> this is fabulous.

>> this is estimated 1 to 2,000.

>> wow.

>> he gifted this to vince cardell . it was in the mansion in vegas. really important.

>> it's such great timing because liberace is back.

>> yeah. now, cher was recently on today.

>> we all love cher .

>> this is the head dress .

>> fantastic design by bob mackey. they worked together since the 1960 . and in 1975 she wore this to the rock music awards.

>> now you guys told me i can wear this. can i put it on?

>> absolutely.

>> when i was 7, it was my theme song . so this was cher and i can't afford it on auction but at least i can