TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

See amazingly awkward family holiday photos

The “Awkward Family Photos” team has done it again! They’re back with a collection of incredibly awkward family holiday photos.

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>> alley. our friends at awkward family gathering some of the most unusual holiday pictures. these kids not so joyful.

>> no.

>> i love it.

>> so good.

>> this is the natalie morales . the matching outfits.

>> one young lady , this is how she felt about being left out. that's going to leave a mark.

>>> and don't take this personally santa, kids not really too happy. and matt, this is the pose you have done many times.

>> oh.

>> yeah.

>> we thought this was as good a time as any to reveal our today holiday card . take a look.

>> oh, no.

>> take a look. there it is.

>> very nice.

>> wow. wasn't quite worth the wait.

>> went a long way for that one.

>> yes, we did. that was