TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

Tips on picking the right Christmas tree

Matt talks with Jason Cameron of DIY Network’s “Desperate Landscapes,” who has tips on how to choose the right type of Christmas tree for your home and budget.

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>> for more on trees, let's head outside to matt standing by with advice for us.

>> thank you very much. what do you look for when you're picking out a tree? i have jason cameron here, he is the host of the diy network 's desperate landscapes and man caves. frazier furs, that's where the problem is. but you have other very popular kind of christmas trees . this one is very popular. it's a douglas fur.

>> and this is the most popular christmas tree in america. i love the tree. the great thing about this tree, an interesting fact, it's not truly a douglas fur. it can live to 1,000 years and grow up to 250 feet tall. amazing tree but it's well-known for its shape and it's needles.

>> when you're picking a tree like this you don't want brown spots.

>> you don't want brutal branches or brown spots.

>> next tree here, what is this?

>> the colorado blue spruce . this is my personal favorite. the color of this is amazing. you can see the contrast, the blue, silver. when it's young it has a very nice shape. great for christmas trees and it's good needle retention on this one.

>> over here, back to the furs.

>> yes, noble fur. name says it all.

>> but this has got some heft to it. this is bulky.

>> i'm glad you said that. heavy ornaments, feel how stout these branches are. this will hold a lot of weight.

>> if you do your part and you keep water in the base, how long should a tree like this last in your house?

>> longer than you need.

>> past new years?

>> past new years.

>> or some people keep it into easter and things like that.

>> yeah.

>> now this one here?

>> this is the balsom fur. i love the smell. you get a great fragrance. i tell people to sniff the branches and it helps to bring out the fragrance.

>> i know it's different in all parts of the country. give me a ballpark figure we should be playing for christmas trees . is it $5 a foot?

>> you'll be around $5 to $7 a foot. you can expect to pay 45 to $100, somewhere in that range.

>> great information. good to see you. thank you very much.