TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

Man dies from shark attack in Hawaii

A man has died from injuries after he was bitten by a shark Monday while fishing near the Hawaiian island of Maui with his foot dangling in the water. NBC News’ Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>>> there's been another alarming shark attack off of hawaii's coast. a man bitten monday while fishing died from his injuries. mara has more.

>> officials say a shark attacked a man on a small island off of the southwest coast of maui. a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. they identified the victim as a 57-year-old from washington. he was kayaking with a friend when he began screaming for help. his friend paddled toward him and found his bleeding severely from his right leg. his friend tried to put a tourniquet on him and reach a boat but he died upon reaching the shore.

>>> this is the 8th attack near maui this year. the 13th statewide. prompting a major study of shark behavior in the region. the area where the latest attack took place remains closed this morning.

>> we're closing the beach and monitoring and make sure that everybody stays out of the water. that will remain in effect until tomorrow 12:00 p.m . considering that there's no other sharks sited.

>> reporter: for today, nbc news, new