TODAY   |  December 03, 2013

Obama to launch new health care push

In an attempt to move the national discussion past the glitches that have plagued the website, President Obama will speak about the broader benefits of the Affordable Care Act, kicking off a three-week push leading up to the Dec. 23 deadline for Americans to enroll.

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>> is going to focus on the broader benefits of the health care law today at a white house event as he tries to move past all the website woos. chuck todd is at the white house with a preview. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. the white house is confident enough that is working well enough that they can do something they tried to before, launch a campaign to tout the benefits of the health care law . the president is going to tout the website and promote the fact that people can go to the website and buy insurance but he's going to talk about the benefits people are getting from the law when it comes to no more pre-existing conditions being used against you. the added preventive care aspects and every day, sometimes it will be president obama , sometimes it will be other democrats, but every day between now and december 23rd , the last day you can enroll in order to get health insurance by january 1st , you're going to see some event launched here at the white house touting this health care law and all of this natalie because they believe finally is at least a workable website if not a perfect one.

>> all right, chuck todd at the white house . thanks so much.