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TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Adriana Trigiani: ‘Sad’ ending ‘Valentine’ trilogy

Best-selling author Adriana Trigiani’s newest novel, “The Supreme Macaroni Company,” is the final installment of her “Valentine” trilogy. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about the book, which follows an Italian woman juggling her job, her love life and her big family.

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>> to the coast, best-selling author adriana trigiani --

>> and great person.

>> we love this woman!

>> here today, girl, all blue today.

>> challenges of a new marriage, new baby, and life's biggest surprises.

>> the final novel of her popular valentine trilogy called "the supreme macaroni company."

>> yes.

>> you have to have a little macaroni.

>> you guys don't know the love. you don't -- one of our favorite people on the planet. forget the fact that you're a great writer and spin a great yarn. nobody's more fun than you.

>> good. how the bar's high.

>> you can tell us about this in a minute. first of all, we want to know what it was like to be directing your first feature film .

>> it was great. it was great. it was a lot.

>> we should point out that "the big stone gap " is being turned into a movie.

>> 15 years to make it --

>> tell people who some of the actors are.

>> ashley judd plays ave maria , then john benjamin hickey theodore, whoopee goldberg is fleeta, jenna elfman , and jane krakowski , judy ivy --

>> love her.

>> she played patrick's mother. the cast is incredible. don't let me leave anybody out. did i get everybody?

>> i think you did.

>> the wilson family, paul wilson played likely macon --

>> when tell cowill it come out?

>> probably a year from now we think. it was wonderful. the whole thing was great.

>> when you were writing this, the third in the trilogy, is it sad writing the last --

>> very sad.

>> it is?

>> there's something sad that happens. we don't want to -- we're not going to -- it's sad at the end. but then it redeems itself.

>> it does?

>> yeah. but you know, this goes where it's going to go. i don't really figure it out until -- in fact, i thought somebody else was going to go and then another character went. i was crying my eyes out.

>> a lot of people have a bulletin board and you -- you say what's going to happen. you map it out.

>> you don't --

>> i do, but then -- i ignore it. his v i have it there -- i don't care. i love that it starts on the feast of the seven fishes on christmas. italian thing, southern italian . big disaster happens. and then it's kind of the fame has to figure out how to reinvent themselves as a new unit.

>> yeah.

>> based on some of your own family? like you usually do?

>> yeah. there's a lot of my family in here. always. you know. there always is, you know. very personal. i can't do it any other way. it -- it feels like -- if t fee -- it feels like family to me. even making the movie felt like an extended family .

>> tell us about being home, big stone gap with your mother --

>> my beautiful mother. oh, my god. she's -- my mother's hilarious. every night economic home, she goes, "how's my car?" i was using her car and living with her. it was like i was 12 again. she didn't hours of it. it felt like i was gone all the time because i was. she said to my sister, "adriana used to tell me where she went" but i was in high school . i was like three blocks away in the freezing cold. she came a little bit to watch. but she found it very chaotic and confusing.

>> right. if it's not your world, it is --

>> she thought it was a mess all the time. she goes, "why are these people running? where are they going? why are they screaming?" she didn't get it.

>> you are so happy with the end result?

>> the end result, "the big stone gap " is very hilarious, everything i dreamed it would be. his a world-class cinematographer, that's the big thing.

>> i have to --

>> we adore you.

>> love you.

>> love you.

>> i'm going to talk about it on the podcast. honey, love you.

>>> we're back with a special guest and more of "today" on nbc.

>> you're the best.

>>> the holidays are a very special time here because we get to do something wonderful to make the holidays brighter for underprivileged kids and teens.

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