TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Nigella Lawson will talk to Oprah about drug scandal

Brian Balthazar from tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about the hottest gossip of the week, including celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s plan to talk to Oprah about the headline-making drug scandal surround her.

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>>> day monday with "today's buzz" you that may have missed over the weekend.

>> with us is brian balthazar editor of

>> you've become a star.

>> talk about ron burgundy made his local tv debut.

>> right. if you were in bismarck, north dakota , this weekend and turned on the news, look who shows up but ron burgundy . not will ferrell but will ferrell as ron burgundy . did the whole newscast. let's look at a brief moment.

>> amber, you look lovely tonight.

>> thank you, ron, you, too.

>> are you married?

>> no.

>> well, i am, so don't get any ideas. i've never seen fighting in a hockey match before.

>> no, me neither --

>> thank you.

>> he did the whole newscast, 28 minutes, in character, doing actually news stories.

>> how were the anchors? were they having fun?

>> trying to keep it together. she actually looked really nervous. she doesn't know how to act. they weren't trying to be as funny as he was. it was great.

>> how does the station feel?

>> obviously they've gone viral. it remains to be seen what the viewers thought.

>> right. by the way, the promotion for this movie is off the chain. you --

>> the car commercials crew premieres december 18th , i believe, in theaters.

>> he's smart. he knows what it takes to sell movies.

>> he breathes funny.

>> tell us about nigella lawson .

>> there's scandalous news about her. as you remember, in june there were the photographs taken where she and her husband were at a cafe and he looked like he was strangling her. then they got a divorce. now there's stories of her assistants accusing her of letting them spend money recklessly. credit cards , over a million dollars, so they wouldn't talk about her drug problem. now they are suing the two assistants. basically saying, you know, that this money wasn't authorized. they're saying, no, we were kept quiet. you're spending money because we were basically keeping quiet for nigella. she may be going to oprah to open up about the whole thing, the whole story. they aren't commenting now because they're obviously involved in litigation happening.

>> he's saying he's devastated the whole thing, devastated, misses her.

>> right. he said he was reaching to grab her new york make h -- grabbing her neck to make her focus.

>> make her focus? okay.

>> this is sad. paul walker , if you're a fan of "fast & furious," died in a car crash . 40 years old.

>> very sad. saturday, he and a colleague who also happened to have a performance car shop, they were taking a run down the street, speed was apparently a factor. they hit a utility pole . the car burst into flames, and unfortunately they were not able to get the two of them out. you know, his car stars are devastated. vin diesel , one of them, saying it was like he lost a brother. his father just spoke and said -- this is a message for all of us. every time he saw him he told him he loved him and he returned it. that's where it hits home. devastating for the family and fans devastated. they were in production and were supposed to film today. on hold. it was at 3:30 in the afternoon. the porsche carerra g2 is a high-speed car, hard it control. it's light, and you can go very quickly very fast. it can be hard to control. it was a 45 miles per hour speed limit in the area. the car was pretty much totalled when it hit the pole.

>> we teased sharon osbourne . what was she --

>> two things. transitional moment. he said that being on "the osbornes," the reality show , was probably one of the worst decisions she ever made. granted, a lot of opportunities, all of them happened because of the show. she said that ozzie and her didn't get enough time with the kids as a result of the traveling involved. i feel like they were on the show a lot together. in anyways, i'm a big believer you don't begrudge your past because it got you where you are. there's another big thing she reve revealed. graham norton asked what the painful surgery she ever had was --

>> and?

>> and it's a medical term .

>> i can say she rejuvenated a part of herself that was below the waist.

>> oh, yeah. oh, yeah.

>> i didn't know she did that --

>> vagina.

>> she said that was quite painful --

>> you shouldn't have said the word. you should not have said it, we should have said it.

>> we talked to legal. i can say it, it's a medical term . there's no shame in it. but it's still weird.