TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Be the ultimate host with these holiday recipes

Chef Tony Maws is in the TODAY kitchen with a couple of recipes to use when entertaining your holiday guests, including sirloin tip kebab and prosciutto-wrapped pears with a miso-and-mustard vinaigrette.

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>>> this morning in today's holiday kitchen, a delicious and festive holiday cocktail bash for your family and friends.

>> he is a chef in boston and put together an easy menu that's a step above the ordinary. good morning. good to see you.

>> thank you for having me here. this is fantastic. in restaurants we do all sort of stuff but this is something i would do at home. nice and easy with the ingredients you can find at the store.

>> all right. because people are coming over.

>> sirloin tips and grilled avocado. a nice quick rub with paprika. very easy.

>> durge it in.

>> dump it all in and sir that up. you can do it on skewers which is a main dish like this. something simple that we put on toast and go out here.

>> how long are you going to grill these for?

>> well, usually i would say three or four minutes on each side. let them rest for a few minutes. that way they stay nice and juicy and rare like this. it's ease stoi do.

>> what kind of toast are you use something.

>> this is country bread but you can use whatever it is to find. rye toast.

>> looks beautiful.

>> fantastic.

>> little pears back here.

>> what we're doing here is just pear, we're going to put it here and roll it up nice and easy. you pick it up and it's all there together.

>> you have a little dip here?

>> we'll have a quick dinner. a little lemon juice . stir it in for me. there you go. faster, faster. a little rice vinegar and while you're stirring we're going to do a little olive oil . how's that?

>> fantastic, right?

>> pretty easy to fine.

>> i'm always a big fan of bacon or any really good ham.

>> now you're talking.

>> so we just maybe do a little drizzle of this on there. really simple. this adds a little zest and spice.

>> mustard kicks it up a little bit.

>> absolutely.

>> and to make it so much a dull vegetable plate.

>> i wanted to take ingredients that you can find and just gussy them up a little bit. simple greek yogurt that we added curry powder and lime juice to makes it really delicious. we have humus you can buy but then i added more chili and paprika and onion powder and you can't have a cocktail party without a cocktail.

>> so what do you add --

>> here we have something a little new england inspired. we have maple in there. cider. and we're going to add a little bubbly in there.

>> what's your position on pigs in a blanket ? do you like a pig in a blanket ?

>> i like anything with the word pig in it.

>> it's not a party until they bring that out.

>> that's my kind of party.

>> go see tony up in boston at his great restaurants. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.