TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

How to create a crafty Christmas

Cassie Post of visits TODAY with some nifty ideas for holiday crafts projects, including a space-saving Christmas tree and “a-door-able” door wreaths.

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>> so thanksgiving has come and gone but the countdown to christmas is on.

>> if you're searching for the hottest trends in holiday decor, the life style editor at is here there's trends in trees?

>> there's trends for everything al. it's time to get our holiday decor on. thanksgiving was forever ago.

>> right.

>> two great ideas. our first is our vintage inspired tree. we got the idea from looking at photographs of our parents and grandparents tree and wanted to recreate the look and anything vintage or vintage looking is a huge trend. so we started with just the old school big bulb color lights.

>> these are led versions.

>> exactly. led versions and then we went with ornaments with the sort of pastel vintage theme. so pinks and soft greens and soft yellows.

>> and these are making a come back. you can buy them.

>> yeah.

>> and if you have some of these from yestyear, hang on to them. the tinfoil. love it. if you do anything throw tinsel on and get the look.

>> it would mess up the vacuum cleaner.

>> or your cat.

>> my cat would just eat the tinsel. not good.

>> a wall tree.

>> yeah, a wall tree. great for apartment dwellers and space saving tree. all we did was took a piece of foam. you can cut it to any size and hung ornaments in the shape of a tree. so it couldn't be easier. you can put presents underneath. gather around it. and no pine needles to sweep up two months later. it's easy to take down and clean up.

>> what if you wanted to put lights on this?

>> you could do that. you could actually do that. string them up with a thumb tack. zig zag it.

>> we'll be back with more for the hottest trends in wreaths. who knew? posting the turkey on instagram. filming a card to send to the fam. singing carol-oke with my best friends. and hanging out with mom, making ninjabread men all day. oh, oh, oh, oh, that's my kind of holiday. oh, oh, oh, oh. what's your kind of holiday?

>> announcer: today's holiday guide is brought to you by target. what's your kind of holiday.

>> we missed you but you're back now. we had your tree set up now. we want a decorative wreath. she is still the lifestyle editor.

>> yes. you can make a wreath out of anything. for this we chose this great old school paper straws.

>> right.

>> natalie has step one. all you do is take some paper straws and you'll see we cut out a cardboard ring. so natalie , if you can kind of get that and then you take the long straws and you do them all around using the center edge as your guide. now, when you have done that, you flip it over as we have done here and al is going to do step two.

>> what's that?

>> we cut down our straws two independence from lands and you take the shorter straw and you clue them around the outer edge sort of like the spoke of a wheel and when you're done you'll see our beauty behind here, you fill the whole thing.

>> it looks great.

>> and you get a super glamorous wreath of straws.

>> i like it.

>> that's two put together. you can make it as big or small as you want.

>> now this one.

>> diy this one up.

>> this is beautiful.

>> this is high glam.

>> okay.

>> it's an ornament ball wreath.

>> it's a lot of time, though, right?

>> it's not so bad. natalie has step one. you take your largest and glue them upside down. you take the tops off to the outside of your ring.

>> okay.

>> and then you do the same with the medium sized balls on the interior ring. and once you've got that completed, you turn it over as we have already done for al and al, this is the fun part. you take any size ball and you just start filling in the holes.

>> uh-huh.

>> yeah, so the little ones , make sure you have large, medium and small balls because the little ones plug the uneven holes and when you're done --

>> how's that hot glue gun ?

>> it's good.

>> check out the finished product. this is a statement wreath.

>> that's amazing.

>> this says welcome.

>> if you can actually get it the work. mine keeps