TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Top Google searches: Paul Walker, Cyber Monday

The sudden death of Paul Walker, the actor best known for the “Fast and the Furious” action movie franchise, dominated the weekend’s Google searches, followed by the topic of Cyber Monday, according to Google’s Daniel Sieberg on TODAY.

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>> now for a look at what people wanted to learn much more about over the weekend.

>> from cyber monday deals to the football finish called the best play ever. google technology daniel is here to break down a few of the hot google searches for us.

>> good morning to you both.

>> clean shaven.

>> i thought about keeping the neck beard but i let it go.

>> a wise decision to let that go.

>> let's start, unfortunately, with really, really sad news over the weekend. paul walker killed in an ugly crash.

>> yeah, terrible accident with paul walker . of course people know him from the fast and furious movies that came out many years ago. fast and furious 6 very popular. we saw a lot of interest around the moment, understanding what happened. the car crash . but also around his daughter. he had a teenage daughter. his past movies. he has a new movie coming out as well. so just a lot of fans responding to this and going on and trying to find out more about his life. he was at a charity event.

>> such a nice guy . i interviewed him in the past. a lot of people saying such nice things about him.

>> and the outpouring from the fast and furious family. all of those guys. you can see what a family they were.

>> they are working on number seven too.

>> all right. so next cyber monday, of course, everybody is talking about that today. so a lot of people logging on and looking for deals?

>> yeah. i'm sure people were up early or already thinking about cyber monday right now. very popular. we see search interests around video game consoles , tablets, wearable technology . streaming devices like the chromecast but a lot of people were predicting -- google is predicting that about three in four of us will use our mobile device in some way to go online as well. it's not just you're back at work or on your computer, you're in the store researching and finding the best information. maybe making a purchase or doing research.

>> there was a game saturday night that the entire country was talking about.

>> yeah.

>> every so often a game comes on that transcends sports and everybody is watching and talking about it. sitting in a restaurant in manhattan where nobody has a tie in to alabama or auburn the news sweeps through the bar.

>> people wanting to see the last play of the game. people may know that auburn and alabama has this storied rivalry and you see this amazing return more than 100 yards to go back and score twinning touchdown after a missed field goal and people wanted to see it for themselves and talk about it. we saw search interests on where is auburn university . so trying to figure out what's going on between these two different schools and the history between them. passionate is an understatement with the fans.

>> especially auburn.

>> yeah.

>> the fan reaction by the way also getting huge pick up yesterday.

>> yeah.

>> look at this guy. look at this guy with his kids. it was cute.

>> adorable.

>> maybe some folks still recovery. it is still a hang over .

>> yeah, a lot of fun, though. that's for sure.

>> also now there is a december photo challenge that people are searching for. what is this?

>> this is an opportunity. create your own photo challenge or follow someone else's. it's combining having a camera in your smartphone and social media . ask people to take a different picture every day of the month. you might ask people to do a selfie and then you can do a throw back and then you can do a christmas light or christmas tree . something tied to the holidays. so people create their own. you can follow those or you can just, you know, create one yourself and see what others are doing with them. post them online.

>> whole december?

>> yes. every day a different picture and share them with people. so for social media it's a fun thing to do.

>> yeah, different places online.