TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Hot for holidays: Britney Spears album, ‘Hobbit’ sequel

Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly gives the lowdown on music and movies that are coming out just in time for the holidays, including a new album from Britney Spears and a sequel to “The Hobbit.”

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>>> we're back with this month's must mark your calendar.

>> the holiday season is huge for movie releases.

>> here to make sure you know which dates to circle is jessica shaw. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> first, britney spears has her new album dropping tomorrow.

>> she does. so she tweeted out last year this is going to be her most personal album ever. is it about motherhood or fame or anything like that? no. she has a duet with her little sister where she confesses he likes red wine and her sister likes white wine .

>> so not so personal after all.

>> live version of the sound of music . a beloved musical.

>> i am counting the seconds. carrie underwood plays maria and steven moyer plays captain von trapp . this is not the movie. it's a production of the stage show . there will be differences. my favorite scene is sung with the mother.

>> it is.

>> it's basically a broadway show televised live.

>> it's spectacular.

>> you were over there. you saw it.

>> out of the furnace hits theaters. what is that about?

>> he goes to jail and tries to rescue his brother played by casey afleck from a life of crime. both of those guy versus been nominated with oscars. you have to think, you know, is this oscar bait? we'll see.

>> it's tough to watch. a lot of violence.

>> a lot of violence.

>> yeah.

>> all right. let's move on to december 11th , kelly clarkson , she has a christmas special out.

>> she does. a christmas special featuring songs from her christmas album which is now out. but it's a morality tale but co comedic take on one, blake shelton and jay leno .

>> december 13th . great movies. a lot of buzz for american hustle .

>> christian bale plays an excon recruited by the fbi but it's a reteaming of the silver linings play book team. bradley cooper , jennifer lawrence , robert deniro . it's set in the 70s and the music and hair and costumes are insane. bradley coopers perm is amazing.

>> you should see that thing in curlers when he is in the make up chair. it's ridiculous.

>> like your tashe, you could have been an extra.

>> maybe i am.

>> saving mrs. banks.

>> tom hanks plays walt disney and it's about walt disney wooing her to let him make the movie. in real life she was not very happy with the outcome of the movie. i don't think that's going to be portrayed in the movie. disney history as told by disney but still great.

>> we just had sir ian mckellen here. the hobbit, desolation of smaug. the thing to know about this movie is there have never been any women elves and there's a girl elf and she is definitely a little worried that the purest of fans of the book where that character is nowhere they're not going to enjoy seeing a new character in the movie.

>> december 18th , willie already has scored his seat to "anchorman 2." i think we all have, right?

>> the gang is back together. will ferrell , paul rudd steve carrell . it's a decade after the first movie. mid 80s. they are asked to join a 24-hour newschannel. great cameos in this. i'm sure it's hilarious.

>> and the wolf of wall street . everybody waiting for this.

>> absolutely. it's the 5th movie with leo leo decaprio. he plays a corrupt stockbroker. it almost got an nc-17. they managed to edit out enough graphic sex scenes but you have to wonder how much he actually edited it out since it's one minute short of three hours.

>> oh my goodness.

>> it's a commitment.

>> it s. bring snacks.

>> yes.

>> jessica shaw, thank you.