TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

‘Sound of Music’ finalists sing favorite melodies

As the live performance of “The Sound of Music” on NBC approaches, the finalists in TODAY’s contest to find the show’s “Sound of Music” Family stop by to share their favorite moments from the classic film and sing some of its classic tunes.

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>> to our search for today's sound of music family in honor of thursday night's live event starring carrie underwood here on nbc our finalists are standing by ready for a chance to perform in our studio. but first, heres more on the competition a female dear red a drop of golden sun

>> we put out a call, a search for the "today" show family .

>> you range back and we were all ears. america sang out loud and strong. from coast-to-coast, you lifted your voices and told us your favorite things about the sound of music .

>> why do you like the movie the sound of music ?

>> and what made your family just like the vonn traps.

>> attention, all kids to the living room. we get called the vonn traps all the time.

>> you say your friends call you the vonn taylors. there were foot stompers. fiddlers and barbershop quartets all with talent to spare. it was a daunting task but we narrowed it down to three finalists who are about to face-off performing live in our studio.

>> well, they're all fantastic. our finalists have been rehearsing all weekend. they are the willis family from tennessee. the boyds from new york. and the lloyds from south carolina . congratulations.

>> good morning.

>> let's start off with the willis family .

>> hey.

>> there are 14 of you as i understand. look how adorable you all are. now, toby, i understand that every day you guys actually line-up for call to attention, kind of like in the movie. is that right?

>> that is correct. we have to line-up. keep track of all of them and make sure we haven't lost any of them.

>> how often does your family go out and perform? is this a daily thing?

>> we perform a lot. starting to do a lot more and the kids are getting good. so get them out there and let people see what they can do.

>> you all play musical instruments except for the little ones. what are you going to sing or perform for us?

>> well, we're kind of a crazy family . so we decided we would try the most unique song. so we're going to sing the loan lonely goat herd song. if we pull it off it will be great if we fail it will be epic.

>> i think so too. take it away.

>> okay. ready. [ music playing ] [ singing ]

>>> nice.

>> i love it. i love the kids as the puppets. next up, the boyd family . good morning, boyds.

>> good to see you.

>> so let me know . tell me your family 's connection to the sound of music . abraham?

>> well, we always watched the sound of music . we have watched it like 20 times. especially when we were younger. and i think the sound of music is kind of responsible for -- in a way for how we sing now. a lot of our inspiration came from the sound of music .

>> your style comes from the sound of music .

>> i love that you watched it 20 times considering some family members are like 5 years old there. you have been described as street performers . you're street performers here in new york city ?

>> yes, we perform in central park almost every day and we have a larger group that performs with us.

>> all right. so people can see you at central park but they can see you now. i hear you have an incredible mash up for us. so take it away. the hills are alive with the sound of music the mountains awake and shake with the of music old man river is singing and rejoicing old man river is singing a song i said old man river is singing

>> nicely done.

>> another good one.

>> you made it your own. i like that. the originality, very good. last but not least we have the lloyd family . should we call you the vonn lo lloyds because your kids sing hanging upside down from trees like the vonn traps.

>> they did and do flips on the trampoline. they're crazy like the kids on the sound of music .

>> now your daughter is spear heading the group. you're not really a singer, but becky, tell me about what we're going to see here today.

>> well, we all pretty much work together to try to find what movements we can do. so we all work together. it wasn't just me.

>> all right. i know you posted something on facebook coincidentally about the sound of music and that's when people said you guys should audition for this, right?

>> yes. i was just looking at pictures of my sister's wedding and the you youngest matched up with them and i realized that and i thought that was so cool so i made a split picture of their seven and our seven. soy posted it on facebook and i just watched the computer and every minute there was two likes and it got up to 80 likes. i was like that is so cool.

>> take it away.

>> we're going to sing do re mi.

>> okay. [ music playing ] ray a drop of golden sun me, a name i call myself fa a long, long way to run sew a needle pulling thread la, a note to follow so a drink with jam and bread that will bring us back to -- [ singing ]

>> adorable.

>> i love that.

>> the brother with the moves.

>> there you go.

>> big thanks to all of our families. you're all terrific. now you get to decide who will come to new york and perform live in our studio. to see more clips of our finalists and to help us choose a winner head to our website