TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Will Ferrell anchors newscast as Ron Burgundy

To help promote “Anchorman 2,” actor Will Ferrell headed to a local station in Bismarck, N.D., and co-hosted an hour-long show Saturday as his famous Ron Burgundy character. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>> in north carolina they kept it classy. viewers watching their local news in bismark, a little surprise on saturday.

>> amber, you look lovely tonight.

>> thank you, ron. you too.

>> are you married?

>> no.

>> well, i am. so don't get any ideas.

>> will ferrell in character as his anchorman alter ego ron burgundy . stayed in character for the full half hour newscast.

>> coanchors had a rougher time keeping a straight face.

>> they have got the greatest resume tape.

>> seriously.

>> and the greatest marketing push known to human kind . "anchorman 2."

>> we would love for him to come be part of our cast some day.