TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Is fitness blogger’s post-baby photo real?

Caroline Berg Eriksen posted photos of herself in her underwear on Instagram, saying they showed her four days after she gave birth. Her toned body and defined abs have people dubious. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> provocative photo making the rounds on instagram is reigniting the debate over fat shaming. take a look at this fitness blogger. there she is showing off her toned figure in her underwear. no big deal until you hear she just gave birth four days before posting this picture. you can imagine the reaction on social media . commentators expressing everything from disbrief to outrage. one writer took the new mom to task for the message the photo could send to young girls. i can't believe she looks like that.

>> is that possible?

>> it cannot be right. you don't get your abs back just like that.

>> she looks amazing. but i don't know how it's possible.

>> i have a question. what was the story about?

>> we can always count on you.

>> even dirtier with the beard.

>> i'm outraged with the other moms.

>> let's just find out how that is possible.

>> it's not possible.

>> it's not, right?

>> you can get back but you don't get your abs back like that. you're not ripped and cut.

>> are we sure it wasn't a picture taken before she ever got pregnant.

>> has to be.

>> why would she post it?

>> something fake on the internet? shock and outrage.

>> i'm just saying. she's not making a lot of friends these days. i'll say that.