TODAY   |  December 02, 2013

Tips for maxing out Cyber Monday deals

TODAY Financial Editor Jean Chatzky breaks down the secret deals of Cyber Monday and how you could come out the digital winner of the day.

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>> we mention a record number of shoppers at the malls this weekend. but spending was down from $1.7 billion from last year. jean, good morning. for those going to make up the difference on this cyber monday, you found great deals across the board. starting at 50% off a lot of places.

>> a lot of places. ann taylor , loft, limited, we move down to 40% off gap, banana republic , h&m and express. these are pretty much across the board. although not for items already on sale.

>> these are online as well as in the stores too.

>> some of them -- they're definitely all online. some in the stores.

>> also big discounts at big box retailers as well on specific items. macy's, toys "r" us, kohl's, and walmarts.

>> at macy's, comforter sets marked down to $99. kohl's we found a kitchen aid mixer $450 for $254, that after a sales price and kohl's coupon and rebate. we have toys "r" us, buy one get one pillow pets for people in the market for those for their kids and atwal mart wonderful cannon power shot camera parked from 169 down to $79.

>> these are huge savings.

>> do your research and look for coupons.

>> you have to look for coupons because sometimes you have to type in a coupon code to get that deal. so retail me not and can help. you want to know what the regular price of the item is because some people mark them up just to mark them down. so going to price or cyber can help you with that.

>> you know how much of a deal you're really getting.