TODAY   |  December 01, 2013

Prince Harry begins race to South Pole after delay

After days of waiting and training, Prince Harry and his wounded warrior teammates finally have the green light to begin their race to the South Pole. NBC’s Aymen Mohyeldin reports.

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>>> wait to begin his add ventower to the south pole is over. he and his team of wounded warriors are off to the bottom of the world today. ayman mohyeldin is in london.

>> it can be fun and games especially with the kind of headlines prince harry has been making in recent years. this time he's making headlines for the right reasons, a good cause and one that is certainly not without risk and injury as his journey to the south pole finally begins.

>> reporter: after days of waiting and training, prince harry and his wounded warrior teammates finally have the go-ahead to begin their race to the south pole today. they arrived a week ago, eager to start.

>> it's amazing how in six hours your morale can go from -- i mean, it was pretty high.

>> too high.

>> almost pouring over the edge . and suddenly rock bottom .

>> reporter: but mother nature had other plans. severe weather continues delayed the start. the down time gave harry and his teammates even more time to prepare. and a chance to reflect about why he got into this in the first place.

>> for the team, probably, on my part.

>> reporter: joking aside, this journey is no laughing matter.

>> it really was a case of how i just have to do this. if i'm given the opportunity, it means i can actually help these guys out, creating more awareness for them or whatever. then, you know, so what it's minus 50, so what it's 90-mile-an-hour winds?

>> reporter: it is extremely challenging, two weeks of trekking up to 13 miles a day in subfreezing temperatures and potentially deadly crevasses. duncan slater lost both of his legs in afghanistan.

>> your body heat really drains out of the bottom of your legs when they're attached to your prosthetics.

>> reporter: along with harry are teams from the commonwealth and the u.s. men and women all racing with a purple, to raise money for injured soldiers. so after months of training and days of waiting, the race to the pole is finally getting under way. and there's no doubting who harry thinks will win.

>> obviously the uk will win.

>> well, there you heard prince harry saying the uk will win this race. obviously despite the cordial atmosphere in the camps and camaraderie among the teams, this is still a serious and competitive race. but really the true winners will be all of the injured soldiers who will benefit from this journey and all the money it will raise. lester?

>> ayman, thanks very much.