TODAY   |  November 30, 2013

Do pets really need cold-weather gear?

With temperatures dropping, humans aren’t the only ones getting cold. Our furry friends feel the freeze as well. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> this was not in his contract. we are out here with bosco and beringer eventually and talking about the cold.

>> we, as humans, we put on the scarves and the mittens and gloves and all of this stuff. do we do it for our dogs or should we do it for our dogs?

>> she is shivering. i don't know if it's stage fright or she is cold. i took these dogs with me to find out if these dogs need to bundle up.

>> reporter: the dog days of summer is long gone but no need for the winter blues because bosco and beringer are getting dressed to their canines.

>> one of our most popular coats is the quilted vest.

>> reporter: amy harlow is the owner of a dog shop dedicated to keeping pups and their paws protected.

>> we have suede collars with a lining and rain coats.

>> hood up right there.

>> this his collegiate uniform. turtleneck for winter.

>> reporter: they are cute but are all of these accessories necessary? dr. linda ooiisaacson says, yes, sometimes. we put on the winter collar for both of them but does it do anything?

>> it looks fabulous.

>> it looks appropriate for winter.

>> this is a wax coat and pretty thick jacket.

>> so nice. sometimes it gets really cold and when it's windy and if he is spending a lot of time outside, this is great.

>> we have got the fleece underneath for a really cold day .

>> reporter: there are a few tips humans can take to care for their best friends in wintry weather. dogs with short coats benefit. boots are good ways to protect feet and pads from salt and chafing and what is the takeaway from awful this?

>> i think you have to pay attention to your dog in the weather. see if they are spending a lot of time outside and then they probably do need some type of winter wear.

>> and how stylish they are feeling that day?

>> yes, exactly!

>> how do you protect the