TODAY   |  November 30, 2013

Must-see movies for holiday season

As the holiday movie season gets underway, E!’s Alicia Quarles offered a sneak peek into the surge of Oscar hopefuls and would-be blockbusters making their way to theaters across the country.

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>> this morning in hollywood headlines, how about must see movies this holiday season ? the producers release films they think could wrap up awards. lucky us.

>> alicia, how was your thanksgiving?

>> it was great.

>> now thanksgiving weekend if you're recovering from both turkey and shopping, great time to go to the movies.

>> great time to go to the movies and even bigger movies coming up during christmas so a lot of to look forward to.

>> one of your favorite opens up. " osage county ."

>> it's based on a play of tracilet and it stars merle streep and julia roberts . merle is suffering from mouth cancer . her family comes back for the holidays to visit her.

>> it's tough to watch on some level but very good perhaps.

>> it's tough. this is not your typical feel-good holiday movie but the acting is so incredible that you have to see this.

>> that is a christmas day opening and so is the wolf of wall street . leonardo d leonardo dicaprio .

>> 259 minutes and they had to push back the release date because it was three hours. it's 2:59 long!

>> that is two bags of popcorn!

>> they worked together five times. this is usually a winner. this also narrowly what a rating but they kit out a lot of the sex scenes .

>> anchorman 2 i'm excited about it. i don't care if it doesn't live up to the hype. i can't wait.

>> it's too close to home ! kind aftof a big deal , you know?

>> that was pretty good, lester.

>> ron burgundy is coming and to new york. the 24-hour news cycle and bringing his friends with him. the first movie was made for 25 million and did 90 million at the box office . this one 50 million dollar budget and ron burgundy saw everything from jockey underwear to durango's.

>> whether the movie is any good they will make a lot of money.

>> sales for the car were up 50% in october. people cannot get enough of ron burgundy .

>> i'm seeing these posters around town for a movie called " american hustle " is it worth my time?

>> it is. bradley cooper and amy adams and i could go on and on. jimmy renner. definitely worth your time.

>> based on a true story , right?

>> it is. we are seeing jennifer lawrence like we have never seen her. she is always america's little sweetheart but this will get butts and seats, as they say.

>> she is on fire. good for her.

>> yes, she is.