TODAY   |  November 30, 2013

Apps to help make holiday shopping easier

Use helpful apps to get price alerts as prices drop on watched items, and keep coupons at your fingertips for fast savings. TODAY’s digital lifestyle correspondent Mario Armstrong reports.

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>>> this morning in mario's top three, surviving holiday shopping. everybody likes a good deal and today's digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong has some advice how we can all save online and in the stores. good morning.

>> good to see you.

>> quickly. the first one helps get coupons in our hand?

>> that's right. for instore and online. it's called retail me not. a great app and free to download and not only can you pull up a variety of bunch of different store locations and things like that but you can easily pull up the coupons. you can see instore offers or online offers i can get that right away and be able to see that. i can also save coupons which is great! how many times have you seen a great coupon but forgot about the expiration date?

>> let's say you're in toys r. rchr. toys rch"r" us.

>> this is comparison shopping in the store.

>> it's called red laser . you turn your phone into a bar code scanner . i'm going to scan this particular box and i just place it right there and it will come up and say that is the item. once i see what the item is, i can then find out if it's cheaper online or somewhere else or while i'm in the store. since a lot of stores are doing price comparison against each other, i can go to the actual merchant and say, look, i can get this for 15 bucks cheaper.

>> if it's a hundred dollars you look and it's $79.99 and maybe you'll get that price?

>> maybe.

>> what is slice? the last one.

>> i love slice. it is stress- free way to manage your online shopping . think about it. when you go to amazon or any of the stores you go and buy you'll get e-mail receipts and confirmations and then the shipping. whether you're sending a lot of things out, how are you keeping track of that? slice enables me to see the things i've purchased not only see the things i've purchased, but i can instantly pull up the receipt at any given moment as well. so i don't have to go through all of my e-mail to try to find all of this stuff. i can also get price alerts on any price drops. so if i buy something at one price but a week later, it drops, i'll be notified about that.

>> this would be good for the stuff we are having sent, gifts sent to other people?

>> that's right. can you keep track of that and make sure it gets there on time and the shipping whether it's the postal service or u.p.s. or fedex, you'll know it gets there.